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Volume 7, June 2006



Welcome to June. Let’s hope the planets are in exactly the right spot for you now. If not, then let’s try to understand them a bit better because they’re rather difficult to move off course. As one of my clients said after a recent consultation, 

“I don’t know what’s banging into what, but I do feel better!”



Astrology is not just a novelty. It is a shame that it is found on the same page of the newspaper next to the comics, puzzles, and games. It can be an extremely valuable tool to be implemented in all facets of your life. Understanding one another is greatly facilitated the more you know about someone else’s natal chart, or at least their Sun-sign. Way too much emphasis is put on the Sun-sign. There is so much more to a chart. Nevertheless, learning the basics can help in a multitude of ways.

Here’s what recent attendees have said about this workshop:

- “It was good to know more about all the other signs and how they relate to each other - it gave me more of an insight as to where one sign begins and the others end.”

- I’ve always been interested in Astrology, but mainly just my own sign. After the class, it was the first time I had a broader view of the whole Zodiac and how it works.”

- “I now have a deeper knowledge of what each sign means and a better understanding of how each sign relates to the others.”




It can be such an interesting endeavor to find out how people’s “birth charts” live on well after they have passed away. Not just with Elvis sightings either. With all the hoopla over the movie, “The da Vinci Code”, I decided to dig into Leonardo’s chart and see what was being “activated” right now.


If someone shows you their driver’s license and it states that their birth date is Oct. 5, 1582, how can you tell that they’re lying through their teeth? Well, that date never existed. Neither did Oct. 6th through the 14th of that year. That’s the year the Gregorian calendar came into effect. I was researching da Vinci’s chart and couldn’t figure out how his Sun could have been at 12° of Taurus when he was born barely into Taurus on April 23, 1452? I found that “Spring” began on March 11th of that year. So further research shows that in 1563 the Council of Trent decided to change the calendar once and for all. The motivation of the Catholic Church in adjusting the calendar was to have Easter celebrated at the time that they thought had been agreed to at the First Council of Nicaea in 325. Although a canon of the council implied that all churches use the same Easter, they did not. The Church of Alexandria celebrated Easter on the Sunday after the 14th day of the Moon that falls on or after the vernal equinox, which they placed on March 21. However, the Church of Rome still regarded March 25 as the equinox and used a different day of the moon. By the tenth century all churches had adopted the Alexandrian Easter, which still placed the vernal equinox on March 21. (Courtesy Wikipedia)


Leonardo was born with Mercury (mind) opposite () Saturn. So much for those old-school books that might say his mind was limited or rigid, eh? Estimates are that his IQ was well over 200 and one of the highest of all time. Nevertheless, da Vinci’s “8th Harmonic” chart, a special chart that shows his occult leanings, shows current transiting Neptune  opposing his Midheaven. Translation: The current traveling  (global challenge to grow spiritually) has also taken root in his chart questioning his involvement in a secret sect (), the Priory of Scion. Jupiter and Neptune are causing us to look closely at Goddess energy () and the role of the feminine in the world. The release of the movie () and the transit of his Neptune are by no means coincidental, in my opinion. Secrets () are being revealed. Transits to one of the greatest mind’s chart symbolizes what’s happening to the Collective Mind. It’s a New Renaissance – a Spiritual one. Whether he was part of a secret sect or not matters little. His chart symbolizes that we’re thinking outside the box now - a practice I’m sure he’d appreciate and one that typifies the opposite of his Mercury-Saturn combination. It will be telling to see what happens this coming August 31st when transiting Saturn  opposes  for all of us. On Sept. 20 Saturn will ascend to the top of Leonardo’s chart and it will be fascinating to see what the master has in store for us then.








Since July 16th of last summer we have been in a “Saturn in Leo” era. This period has been marked, in one way, as a time when we have been challenged to stand up for ourselves. The previous 2-plus years were a time of getting in touch with our emotional needs (a). Since then, it has become imperative that we “draw the line” with others and more importantly within ourselves in order to shore up our ego-boundaries. On the 3rd, Mars enters Leo and will bring the following areas to the fore demanding resolution:



Aries has been trying to develop your field of expression. If you haven’t been able to get people to listen or to respect your efforts, you’ll need to stay firm and assert your creations. Your self-confidence may yet win them over. Don’t be overbearing about it though.


Taurus has been drawing the line at home and demanding more emotional support from loved ones. If you haven’t, you need to assert your needs for sustenance. Standing firm is your strong point anyway, but don’t be rigid. Listening will get you far.


Gemini needs to use this time to corral their restless minds. Yes, there is always something new to discover, but developing focus is imperative now. You can’t be taken seriously if you continually jump from one subject to another – mental discipline is of the utmost importance now. Discipline?


Cancer may well have bent over backwards for too long – paying too much homage to other people’s value systems. It’s clearly a time for you to assert your own values. Others may think you are making a mountain out of a molehill now but you know what is important to you; fight for it.


Leo is a natural at self-expression and has a strong sense of self. It is important now to see where you may have gone overboard. It is time to sit back and let life come to you a bit. Assert yourself, yes, but don’t get carried away. You may gain more now by ruling your jungle with a softer roar.


Virgo try as you might, sometimes logic isn’t the answer. Your subconscious has been very “vocal” now hoping you would rely more on your hunches instead of reason. Separating the wheat from the chaff is your natural talent, but you may be ignoring a major tool during your harvest – your intuition.


Libra is becoming more aware of what they want out of life. This is not a time for the Diplomat to compromise. Appease later; rev up your engine and go for what you want and quit watching what’s going on in your sidecar. Your partnerships will become stronger by default as you do.


Scorpio is not bashful with their career. Your passion cannot be stopped now - except by you. This is a good chance for you to harness your emotional power and direct your will wholeheartedly into your career. Stand tall and be very proud of your attainments, but don’t let the desire for power tempt you.


Sagittarius, this is your time. Comfortable on your soap-box, your difficulty will be the contrary. Everyone knows exactly how you feel about everything. It’s time to check your philosophy at the door. Discipline, not your forte, is exactly what is needed. Remain true to your sense of honesty and continue to aim high.


Capricorn, always so responsible. Now you must respond to yourself – to your own emotional needs in your relationships. Draw the line in the emotional sands or be washed away by others’ desires. You usually hold up your end of the bargain; make sure it’s not a cross. 


Aquarius may not even notice this time. It’s easy for you to assert your individual rights, the hard part is the relationships themselves. Naturally a free-spirit, keep on keepin-on… but remember that you get exactly what you give. Being a loner is often lonely, eh?


Pisces, this gawd-awful time period where you’re having to toe the line and paint inside the box is only halfway over ( leaves b 9/2/07). I know you yearn to swim freely but you are still being held to the daily grindstone. You really do need a firm footing. Accepting reality, not trying to escape it, makes it disappear.


This will be no typical fun-filled, carefree Full Moon in Sagittarius. The reason why is that transiting Pluto has been sitting around 25° of Sagittarius. So, on the 11th as the Full Moon culminates, it will seem like fun and games. Then, as the Sun approaches 24° `, on the 15th, it will trigger Pluto in everyone’s charts. Meaning?: Relationships () and passions () will come to the fore. Don’t underestimate this one. Pluto demands commitment. Put your lips where your mouth is.


A Sun-sign is eternally linked to its opposite sign. As oppositions occur (such as Full Moons and Lunar Eclipses) one of the Zodiac’s six polar axes (pair of houses) is triggered. This is why a theme that is going on, for example, in Leo, will have its mirror-effect in the opposite sign of Aquarius. By the nature of oppositions, relationships are called into play in a big way. That is because of the “me vs. you” nature of the 1st (Aries “me”) and 7th (Libra “we”) houses.


Nevertheless, the ongoing era and emphasis of  in late f will affect the following polarities and will trigger:


Aries-Libra, Houses 3 & 9. The stress is putting your mind in sync with your philosophy. You need to practice what you preach and have internal pressure to become what you are truly capable of. If you really believe what you think you believe, are you acting on it? 

Pluto (your own passions) insists now.



Taurus-Scorpio, Houses 2 & 8. Now it comes to light as to the real quality of your relationships. Is there real devotion? You can’t just go through the motions now for comfort’s sake. Real emotional investment is imperative now. Pluto’s “urge to merge” is at its strongest now. If not, Pluto will threaten breakup or gradual decay. You know what needs to be fixed. Be advised to fix it, or Pluto will for you.



Gemini-Sagittarius, Houses 1 & 7. The issue here is very clear. Your identity must be strong now and not because of your relationships. You can find much satisfaction in your relationships, yes, but your identity must stand on its own accord. Glomming onto another won’t work. Nor will blaming others. Keep standing tall and extinguish old relationships that hold you back. It will start paying off soon if you do.



Cancer-Capricorn, Houses affected, 6 & 12. The time has come to get past your great need for security and realize that the only way you’ll ever really be secure is by surrendering to a greater cause. And that cause is much bigger than your immediate family or your career. A true sense of sacrifice and doing for others is required now for you to feel a part of the Greater Family. That’s what’s been missing.



Leo-Aquarius, Houses affected, 5 & 11. The question that is rearing its head now is about give and take. You are really seeing the results of being truly generous or you are reaping crumbs from what you failed to sow. Leo is all about giving and Aquarius about expecting to receive. The two are intimately tied. The Golden Rule is a wise old rule and should be your motto right now.



Virgo-Pisces, Houses affected, 4 & 10. Bringing a balance to your home and career has long been an issue. Now, you really need to make some hard choices regarding both. Is it really worth it for you to spend so much time at work to the expense of your family? Do you need to hit the pavement harder and find better work in order to support the family? These are the types of questions that demand solution.

           Speaking of lips, 

       are you ready to whistle?




“Will ya still need me?” – I think so.



6/19 Uranus  “stops” and turns retrograde (apparent backwards motion against the background stars.) Did you know that Uranus (pronounced “your’-ah-nus”, not “your-anus” for you jokesters), keeping with its off-beat nature, rolls through space. Its axis is not vertical like the other planets. This planet is the big symbol of large-scale change in your life (along with ). As it travels in reverse until 11/20, it will give us all a chance to slow down a bit and reconsider major upheavals in our lives.









Dear Kid Astro, “I was born on the cusp. Which sign am I? There is no such thing as a “cusp” as far as Sun-signs. The reason we hear so much about them is that daily Horrorscopes have to list a general date range for when the Sun-sign changes. The Sun goes from one sign into the next at a different time and sometimes date each year. An Astrology computer program or an ephemeris (detailed book of planetary positions) states exactly what minute the Sun goes from one sign and ingresses into the next sign. I have done charts for people who literally would have been a different sign if they were born one minute earlier or later. Who sets the clock in the delivery room anyway? The reason some people who are born near the “cusp” feel like they have qualities of both signs is that it is very common to have several planets in neighboring signs, especially the “personal planets”, i.e., Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, & Mars.


(An additional note on cusps: Houses have cusps and operate totally differently than the Signs. In that case, yes, a planet very commonly can express its influence in both houses.)



Next month Kid Astro addresses several common questions:


    1)      What significance does it have if someone is born “C-section”, i.e., where the time is          determined by the hospital’s schedule?

    2)     What does it mean if a baby is born earlier or later than the “due date”?

    3)     Why are twins so different in nature?



S.P.A.C.E. News


The Southwestern Pennsylvania Astrology Consortium for Enlightenment (S.P.A.C.E.) will next meet on Sunday, June 25th. Monthly meetings are held on the last Sunday of each month at 10:00am. These meetings take place South of South Hills Village in a private home just off of Rt. 19. All interested in Astrology are welcome. Call (724)622-8079 for details.


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6/02  1:34pm -  4:17pm

6/04  8:30pm -  5:08am (next day)

6/07  8:15am -  4:41pm

6/09  6:10am -  1:05am (next day)

6/11 10:34pm -  6:19am (next day)

6/13 12:50pm -  9:32am (next day)

6/16  4:24am - 12:05pm

6/18 10:08am -  2:54pm

6/20  5:20pm -  6:23pm

6/22  8:44pm - 10:49pm

6/24  8:02pm -  4:48am (next day)

6/27 12:02pm -  1:09pm

6/29  2:24pm – 12:15am (next day)


Void-of-Course Moons are times every few days anywhere from a few minutes to several hours where you are discouraged from launching projects. It’s kind of like sailing a boat and there just isn’t any wind. For more information on this subject, visit my earlier article: www.starself.com/newsletter2.html

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