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Volume 50, March 2010

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It’s time for the operation, not quite time for the recovery yet – i.e., if there will be one. It depends on how “sick” the patient really is. Pluto has decided. Well, IT hasn’t decided but it is symbolic that we have shoved too much stuff under the rug for too long. Pluto has no choice; it has to lift up the rug; that’s what Pluto does.


That’s true for the U.S. and the planet. It continues to be time to dig out the abscess (Pluto.)


So, what is all of this Pluto-Saturn stuff about? It is a big subject. Pluto is a very powerful planet with a reputation of undoing all of the old, outmoded states of being and eventually rebuilding in the wake of what can be large-scale change. Pluto rules the collective masses.


Saturn’s job is to “make sure” things manifest, and often does so by using limitation and restriction. Mixing the two together can be quite dire. Since they are both traveling at a right angle to each other this year, this explains why we’re experiencing these types of scary effects. Look at all the earthquakes and their magnitudes. That’s Pluto-Saturn.


Planets, depending on their natures, tend to bring out different sides of other planets when they combine by aspect (right angles, etc.) And, in this case, these two bring out the heavy-weight side of each other.


In other words, the good and the bad news of these times is explained easily. The DEconstruction, DEcay, and DEterioration are not finished yet. Yes, that is the good news.


Yes, we all wish for a speedy and healthy recovery from this “financial crisis” (which goes much deeper than finances) in which we find ourselves. But, the surgery is far from complete. It is hard to be happy about the ongoing examination and “treatment” but that’s exactly what we have to do. It’s all being done so that the patient, our civilization, is ultimately stronger and healthier. Not only should we not resist this process, which would be futile anyway, we must assist in the overall operation of CLEANSING.


We all know that crud can only build up for so long – then something has to give or else we’ll have a total breakdown.


Don’t be confused, it’s all about Pluto square to Saturn now, and for the foreseeable future. These are 2 rough and tumble planets too. It’s why we’re trying to make laws (Saturn) to stand up to the health industry conglomerates (Pluto); it why we’re trying regulate (Saturn-suppression) other nations vying for nuclear power (Pluto); reform our laws and standards to stop (ST) corruption (PL); why we’re facing the consequences (ST) of decayed and morally corrupt (PL) institutions;  education crises; threats to Medicare and Social Security (ST); crumbling economies (PL); deteriorating (PL) infrastructures (ST); traditional sense of our party systems (ST); total revamping (PL) of our legislative systems (ST); no longer depending on the print media (ST); mass-murders (PL) becoming commonplace; Supreme Court protecting gigantic campaign contributions via lobbyist; loss of respectful civility within the Senate body (Wilson,) huge political schism within the body politic; treasonous TV “Networks” (PL); widespread disrespect (ST); crumbling of falsely-based religions (PL), and on and on and on.


Many of us are trying to blame certain parts of the body for bringing on the cancer in the first place. Futile.


And like ANY AND ALL PLANETARY CONFIGURATIONS, there’s a totally positive side: transparency (PL); breakdown of old political divisions (ST); true representation of the masses (PL); movements to buy local and seasonal (ST); efforts towards one global government (Euro) (PL); more regulations on unethical companies (ST); breaking the DNA code (PL); gay rights (PL), racial progress (ST); rise in personal and grassroots campaigns (ST/PL); conserving energy (ST); new energy systems (PL); etc., etc.


This will continue as is needed. One does not stop Pluto. It is here to clean up old entities that no longer work and purge the disingenuous. Likewise, Saturn’s charge is to now come up with new laws, regulations and standards on which to build a new working society. The last time this happened was in 1762 when we did the same thing to the British and their corrupt rule. Once again, this is international, not just in this country.


Even though these planetary energies symbolize vast shifts happening on a collective scale, how did they get that way? They got that way because the Collective is a Collection of our individual minds and hearts. They got that way because of decisions being made in each one of us. We must now take responsibility for every bit of dirt, crud, and shadow within us – for all lack of integrity – for our laziness and apathy – for our lack of courage to do what is right. It may be offer pseudo-comfort, but there really is no one to BLAME. Now is the time, especially with optimistic Jupiter and Uranus about to start a new zodiac in May to really light the flame. It is imperative that we pick up the spirit of fresh inner revolution. The rest will take care of itself. We must all speak out.



You’ve probably read this kind of guide before, but here are my 2 cents or tips for raising children according to their Sun sign. Keep in mind that this is a generic Sun sign approach and that we all have much more in our charts besides one astrological influence.


Aries Aries kids can be very hard-headed. I’ve often said that this is the one sign you don’t caution. Obviously, you don’t want them playing in traffic, but what this means is that they LEARN by leaping first and then fine-tuning their impulses later. They are instinctive and it is crucial that you do not overwhelm them with carefulness. They are child-like and there is nothing you can do about this. This is their beauty. You must separate and expect for them to learn the vast difference between being child-like and childish. You also need to impress upon them the need to think about others because many of them have a natural self-interest that is very strong. Enjoy their innocence – they’ll help you keep yours.


Taurus Speaking of stubborn… These kids are usually very stabile and down-to-earth. You will wear yourself out trying to make them see your point of view – which they are just not made to do. They most likely live in a very simple, self-contained world. NEVER move their stuff, but do stay on them about keeping things clean. They NEED to have things exactly where they want them. It gives them a sense of physical stability which is all-important to them. Do not hurry them either; their other gear is even slower. These children can be extremely pleasant, but they too need to see that there is a large world outside of their own that includes other people’s needs. Find comfort in their capacity for enjoying life – and let them do the cooking!


Gemini This is a jolly sign. These kids are lively, curious and extremely restless. Be very, very careful if a teacher wants to label them as ADHD. Usually they’re just bored. Raising them is an art. You must honor their need to be free but also not let them get away with evading responsibility. They’ll change the subject on you constantly but you must teach them to take a position and stick to it. Do not force them to be consistent if you can. They’re simply not made for it. Always try to give them two options (the Twins) if possible. That way, they won’t feel trapped. They too are very child-like. Enjoy their light-heartedness – hell, we’re all kids.


CancerYou’ll just have to get used to the fact that these kids need constant reassurance. They REALLY NEED their parents, especially the mother. It’s that simple. They can be absolutely wonderful children. Sensitivity is their strength – and their weak spot. Make every effort to bolster their sense of INDEPENDENCE. Give them confidence that they do know what they are doing. They’re going to pout, most likely. There’s not much you can do about that. But you MUST NOT fall into enabling them which is exactly what they want. Give them consistent love and support and they will do great most of the time. Appreciate being around their lovable nature – and get them a puppy.


LeoYou MUST show this sign respect. It’s that simple. Take great care that they are not mocked or even think so. They are much more sensitive that they let on. Teach them NOT to use THAT FOUR-LETTER WORD, “FINE.” Everything will be “fine” with them if you allow it. Of course, this means don’t really look at what’s going on. Above all, teach them that it’s not only OK to be wrong at times but that it’s absolutely normal. They have a wonderful, colorful and magnanimous essence. Enjoy their sense of royalty – they do.


VirgoOh boy… Fussy, fussy. Don’t worry, some day they’ll get hungry and eat. Yes, they are the zodiac’s perfectionist but learn to appreciate the fact that they CARE so much. That’s what’s so incredible about this sign (it comes from Chiron.) You usually won’t have to worry about them, i.e., they’ll take care of themselves but do try to teach them that they need to be less fussy if they want to have friends. Basically, they have a holistic nature that inherently differentiates right from wrong. Try to help them relax and enjoy life. Also, try to show them that not everything is graded in terms of productivity. They usually grow up to be very self-sustaining, responsible adults – learn from them.


LibraWhat pleasant children these Venusians can be. Known for their intelligence and sociability, they have a VERY strong need to be accepted in the crowd. Make sure you do not embarrass them in public. On the other hand, you have to really take a strong stand to keep them from being driven too hard by peer pressure. They have a keen sense of making self-comparisons to all of those around them. Teach them clearly that the development of the real self inside is much more important than HOW THEY LOOK. If you can do that, these kids can simply be amazing. Enjoy their kind bedside manner – they’re a natural.


ScorpioScorps are possibly the hardest sign to raise, perhaps along with Cancer. They have exceedingly strong wills and are simply going to do what they feel they must. They have a natural attraction towards the “shadow” side of life and the just have to explore it. Pluto, their ruler, tempts them to do so. This does NOT mean that they will get in trouble. Scorpions are a very smart sign. Never, ever betray them or they will write you off. You must encourage them to be more open, but at the same time, know that their nature is to be secretive. Always be true to them. Lead them by example (as with all kids.) They admire courage and have little or no regard for weakness. Admire their personal power – they have pizzazz.


SagittariusThis guidance might really pay off. Sag is a very misunderstood sign. They want to have fun – let them! Do not water them down by restraining them or by programming them that they are wasteful and reckless. Yes, they are free-spirits, but you must not destroy their natural devil-may-care attitude. At the same time, a parent needs to be firm with this sign when it comes to encouraging them to follow up on their promises. This is not their strong suit. Optimism and cheerfulness are their natural inclinations. That comes first. They will rub off on you – life is short.


CapricornThese small Goats are usually the best behaved of the dozen. Teach them to not always take life so seriously. Show them that there is a time to be careful and responsible. Also, make it clear to them that life is not all balls and chains – they have enough of their own naturally. Impress upon them that they need to “roll with the punches” in life; that they cannot always control everything. Also, stress the need to trust others. They have natural ambitions and are industrious. They will find their way. Don’t let them skip out on having fun with others in their age group. They’ll be old soon enough – teach them flexibility.


AquariusWow, what fun. Admire their huge sense of individuality. When Mr. Rogers kept repeating, “You are very special,” he was talking to them. They have a natural curiosity and appreciation of the entire world around them. You must let them BE THEMSELVES. That is the key. Aquarians generally do not care about fitting in; they know who they are. One minute they’ll be fiddling with their chemistry set and the next trying to trace a Picasso portrait. There is absolutely no telling what they’ll be into next. On the flip-side, the Water Bearer needs to learn not to fear intimate contact. After all, they are not an island – no one is.


PiscesWhat a wonderfully sensitive soul. Be very careful not to crush their intrinsic sense of reverence towards all things. Teach them that they can be giving, but don’t have to be a doormat to anyone. Show them the difference between being passive and lazy. Give them plenty of examples that yes, they may not like the hardships of the world, but nevertheless, have to deal with them. These kind souls have a natural sense of spirituality. Let them show you the wonder in all things. Help them discriminate – it’s not in their nature. Don’t let anyone make fun of their unworldly nature – this is the sign to look up to.



Virgo, being the sign of discrimination and its opposite, Pisces, the sign of non-discrimination represent the zodiac’s most critical polarity. This article is not anti-Virgo, rather, an examination of the tendency we all have towards the shadow side of our discriminatory nature. We all have all 12 astrological energies inside of us, and as well, have the Piscean panacea.


It is clear to see what trouble we attract when we try to protect our IMAGINARY differences. Simply look at the evidence: our never-ending civil wars and continual fighting factions; all emanating from our collective paranoia. This all results when we don’t appreciate what we all have IN COMMON. Too many times, we are afraid and resistant to “outsiders.” “There really is no such thing,” says Pisces.


I’ll never forget my body’s reaction when I walked into a British inn back in 1985. My natural defenses came up! “Don’t make eye contact; be ready for someone to call you an American; beware of those that might see you as a foreigner!” All reactions I had grown up with in my “American” experience (a Cancer country.) Promptly, the charming country-folk asked me if I’d like to join them, pull up a chair, share a pint and have a go at some darts!


My body had to learn to surrender to this cultural norm. I had become too Virgoan, worried too much about what was different. But, here I was in quite a Piscean environment. Camaraderie. Relax. Enjoy.




Many of you are interested in knowing more about your natal charts. I know it can be very frustrating since it takes quite a bit of study to be able to do so. Also, there are so many poor efforts “on the market” masquerading as “1-900- real astrology.” Nevertheless, there are things you can do to get a start. The first thing to do is:


  1. Go to a free site such as:  www.astro.com , enter your birth info and compute your own natal chart.
  2. Look up the placements of your 5 personal planets, i.e., Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, & Mars.
  3. Using any good search engine, look up their individual meanings. For example, read about your Moon in Leo, your Venus in Scorpio, or your Mars in Pisces.


This will help you get an idea of what auxiliary energies you have operating in your chart besides your Sun sign.



I get accused all the time for being too idealistic. Hmmm, I guess it’s true. I’m just content seeing all the unhappiness and ugliness that lies all around us. It’s just too hypocritical for our fellow man to place Helen Keller, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Gandhi and Mother Teresa on tall pedestals on one hand but at the same time to say that someone else is too idealistic. WHERE WOULD WE BE NOW IF THESE PEOPLE WEREN’T IDEALISTIC? How about Jefferson and Washington?


The planets’ Neptune and Chiron in one’s natal chart bespeak a lot about one’s sense of idealism – so do Aquarian planets. My chart has many of those markers.


I place myself above no man and indeed feel like sitting at the feet of many. My newsletter, besides an educative tool of astrology, is an attempt to cheer us all on, to inspire us, to lift us, to say to all of us that HELL NO, don’t water down your ideals, your inspirations, your desires. I believe we can be one incredible, phenomenal, mind-blowing happy human race. We are spinning around on a teeny, tiny pebble out in the middle of nowhere, dark space and we have this opportunity, we have this opportunity to…..


Click here:   www.peaceburgh.net



Body Parts


As you surely have seen, body parts are associated with specific signs of the zodiac as well as planets. This ancient diagram should offer a little light on the subject. Notice how the first planets rule the top of the body, working slowly down to the feet.




The most over-rated and misunderstood planet in the zodiac is Jupiter. It is so taken for granted in all texts, old and new. Good luck, good fortune, the Great Benefic; all of these phrases are commonly associated with the solar system’s largest planet.


Few times do people address its dark, shadow-side. Yes, it has one. Excess, waste, irresponsibility are all traits of the flip-side. The party has to end sometime (as it did in Jan.’08 when Pluto left Sagittarius and entered responsible Capricorn.)


Besides a lack of knowledge about this gifted planet, even less is known about Jupiter when placed in a natal chart. Does this planet represent where you are lucky in life? Somewhat. But, luck is largely overstated with this Jovian planet. What does it indicate throughout the signs of the zodiac? After all, it changes signs once per year and can be very indicative of your “graduating class.”


Since Jupiter is a social planet it indicates how one goes about socializing. How do you enter a crowd? How do you plan for your social future? You’ll get plenty of hints from these:


Jupiter in Aries: Jump right in. Volunteer, I’m in. What are we doing by the way? Sounds adventurous!


Jupiter in Taurus: Now just wait a dog-gone minute. Slow down, we have to plan for things. I mean, are outsiders invited? How are we going to feed them? What will we do next?


Jupiter in Gemini: Well, let’s get going! Where we going? I don’t care. Sounds great, different! Think of all the new things we’ll see!


Jupiter in Cancer: I sure hope the people are nice. Maybe I’ll find something pretty to bring home. I don’t want to be gone too long.


Jupiter in Leo: Well, heck yes, let’s get marching! I have things to do, people to meet, stuff to show them! Of course they’ll like me.


Jupiter in Virgo: I’m not quite sure why we’re going or what the value will be, but I guess we should. We can’t waste time though – gotta stick to the schedule.


Jupiter in Libra: Nice and easy, we’ll have a pleasant time, I’m sure. Should be great meeting all of your friends. I hear their place is just exquisite.


Jupiter in Scorpio: Well, let’s see. He’ll be there, and she’ll be there. We’ll get into all kind of good stuff. I can always get back to my place in a jiffy if I need to.


Jupiter in Sagittarius: What are we waiting for? I got the keys to the van. Did you call everyone? We’ll figure the rest out on the way!


Jupiter in Capricorn: I’m just not sure. I guess we could fit it in between the 3 and 5 O’clock appointments. Really, I don’t mind. I’m really not in the habit of changing course, but….


Jupiter in Aquarius: This should be great! Let’s get out and meet some folks! I have some great ideas I’d like to bounce around.


Jupiter in Pisces: Where we going? Whatever.



Jimmy Page: 1/9/44  4:00a, Heston, England


Why, why, why the heavy sounds?

Why the thunder from the clouds?

We all know zeppelins of lead can’t fly.


Versatility/inventiveness? Venus in Sag opposite Mars/Uranus in Gemini!

And the heavenly stairway?... Moon in Cancer square to Neptune.

But heavy, where does heavy come from? Saturn in the eighth. And mostly Pluto.

I can still feel the thumping upon my chest from a 1972 concert.

He’s a citadel, a citadel of power – true force.

It all comes from somewhere.

And it’s SYMBOLIZED by the planets.

Astrology is such a stupid subject.



3/10 Mars goes Direct 12:09p – This is one big deal. Mars goes forward after having stopped at 19° Leo on December 20th and gone retrograde (Rx.) Now, it will turn forward at 0° Leo and then pick up speed as it completely transits all of Leo. This will also greatly affect all the other Fixed signs of Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius by aspect.


What does this mean? We have been learning to hold back since 12/20 and think twice (Rx) before we act (Mars.) These actions are focused in the particular house indicated by Mars’ stationing. This was detailed in a previous newsletter.  www.starself.com/newsletter47.html


Now, it’s time to GO - to go forward and act. Don’t be surprised by sudden irritation after this as Mars will stress to us that it truly is time to press on our issues of self-interest. Be tactful.


3/15 New Moon 25°i10’ 5:01p – This will be quite important and possibly disruptive as the New Moon forms along side of Mercury and URANUS. Look for sudden changes in whatever house in your chart that contains the latter degrees of Pisces. Liberation and breaking of the tedium is the theme here. Freedom is the goal. This will be a large karmic (Pisces) turning point in our lives.


And, Uranus is quickly heading towards Aries  (with Jupiter) – a new zodiac – and a fresh start for all of us.


3/20 Spring! Sun enters Aries 1:32p – Spring holds the conjunction of the Sun with Uranus meaning that all of 2010 through next Spring will hold the promise of renewal, rebirth, and whatever type of personal revolution you see fit. Powerful energy.


3/20-24 Sun squares Pluto – making a Tsquare from Sun opp. Saturn to Pluto. Another powerful zodiacal construct. This will motivate the masses and continue with our theme of the patient getting his or her needed operation. Awareness is what the Sun brings. We can’t just complain about the findings; we have to face them with our best intentions. Out with the old and corrupt.


3/29 Full Moond17’ 10:25p – This Full Moon will form a Tsquare to Pluto and give us more of the paragraph above.


Make sure to stay in touch with my web site at www.starself.com and as always, “May the planets be with you as you find your Starself!” - Rick

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