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Volume 48, January 2010

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Happy New Year! Well, don’t we start things off with a bang? Well, with a Lunar Eclipse on New Year’s Eve, Mercury and Mars retrograde and transiting Saturn squaring Pluto. And, we “celebrate” Pluto’s 2nd anniversary in the sign of Capricorn. Weeee! Only 14 more years to go!


Well, it’s short, a New Year’s version, but at least I got a newsletter out! May you have a great year!





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Aries May the world just step aside and let you pass.


Taurus May the world join you at the feast of all feasts and may your tables be full.


GeminiMay the world be full of joy and let you explore till your heart is content.


CancerMay the world fulfill your every need and give you lots of babies.


LeoMay the world truly appreciate the steady torch that you hold.


VirgoMay the rest of the world care as much as you do.


Libra May the world show some class and dignity when dealing with each other.


ScorpioMay all the world be dedicated to each other.


SagittariusMay the world look up and beyond and aim high.


Capricorn – May the world all care about living for the benefit of each other.


Aquarius May the world realize that there’s only one earth.


PiscesMay the world please chill out.



This is certainly a grim combination of planets. These two big boys were quite present during our past few wars, and here we go again – we just don’t learn from the past (Saturn.) One of the main reasons that this is such a difficult time is that Pluto represents our connection to the collective mind all around. It transcends the personal. For instance, even “innocents” in the German countryside got caught up in the 1940’s with what their entire country was at war for. One cannot escape one’s collective karma.


Nevertheless, we have to deal with the massive Pluto in Capricorn energy that is ridding us as fast as it can from all of our past waste while Saturn, the tireless worker, is attempting to build anew. The solar house that contains Pluto is giving you no choice but to let go of the old. Meanwhile, the squaring house that holds Saturn is urging you to rebuild, and fast, in those related areas. This is a very, very complex story that I’m trying to boil down into a few simplified paragraphs.


Pluto is in one “house” for you and at the same time, Saturn is in another. This will go on all of 2010 and most of 2011. In general, what does this mean for each of our Sun signs?


Aries – Pluto in the 10th house and Saturn in the 7th - In general Pluto is challenging the Ram to make its move in this world, leaving behind all kinds of reasons for stalling. Saturn is sticking with you reminding you that you do have partnerships in this world. Partnerships are not obstacles although at times, it may appear so. BALANCING THE TWO will be the trick for you.


Taurus – Pluto in the 9th and Saturn in the 6th – PL has been working on your overall philosophy the past 2 years. Bulls are slow to change, but they are changing. Its emphasis is on getting rid of mental frameworks that may have been handed down to you and no longer work. At the same time, Saturn is pressing you to get to work, to refine your skill sets. Combined, this can be a very compatible combination. See things anew, do things differently; get out of your old patterns and your life can be quite renewed! DON’T SLIP BACK into old habits; easy to say for Taurus.


Gemini – Pluto in the 8th and Saturn in the 5th – These two houses have to do with self-value. PL is stirring you to get down and dirty in all of your relationships. Depth and intimacy is the way out of this intense 8th house for you. At the same time, Saturn’s pressure in the 5th is trying to urge you to take ownership on what you say; what you mean; what you do. This is not easy for the elusive Twins. DO NOT COMPLAIN, if things aren’t working out for you interpersonally, this is why. You need to take ownership of the words that slip by your lips. People AREN’T taking you too seriously.


Cancer – Pluto in the 7th and Saturn in the 4th – This is no picnic for Cancers now. But, it can be a great turning point for you if you accept the fact that your true power is now here (Pluto) and you can stand independently of your family support structures (Saturn.) It is not advisable to try to duck either of these stern energies. Pluto knows that you are much more powerful than you might think and Saturn is urging you to take on the responsibility for all of your personal relationships. It’s doing so because you can do it and you will get stronger in ever way. Don’t hide from either. If things aren’t working out for you now it’s NOT because no one loves you.


Leo – Pluto in the 6th and Saturn in the 3rd – Pluto is stressing that you take care of your health right now. And I do mean your health in all kind of areas. It doesn’t just pertain to your body. What is the health of your family relationships, and personal ones? Are they alive and robust or running on old fumes? If so, this can no longer continue. Stubbornness is not the answer now; this new era is requiring new solutions from ever-widening hearts. Saturn will make you feel like being more careful with your words, more meaningful with your intentions and more attentive to how you think about everything. It DOESN’T MATTER who’s right or wrong.


Virgo – Pluto in the 5th and Saturn in the 2nd – This combo is insisting that you put your money where your mouth is. This is usually not much of a problem for the Virgin. Pluto wants you to express yourself – especially your love. No, you can’t always just show it by how helpful you are. Your self-worth (Saturn in 2) now depends on it. It’s NOT all work. And don’t say, “That’s good, I’ll work on it.”


Libra – Pluto in the 4th and Saturn in the 1st – This one is heavy-duty. Pluto has been in your emotional nest for 2 years now. It’s commanding that you get real with your feelings and your needs. What does this mean? It’s kind of going against your nature in one sense: you are used to doing things in terms of partnerships. This one is requiring that you do it alone. You have to determine what is right for YOU and stick to your guns (Saturn in the 1st.) If not, you’ll have nothing to partner with.


Scorpio – Pluto in the 3rd and Saturn in the 12th – This pairing is mostly acting on your 12th house. Saturn through the 12th is not easy to describe. Karmic situations are continuing to rear their ancient heads. It means that you have to get straight with your spiritual life now. You’re quite used to having to answer to Pluto (personal courage); now, Saturn is bringing about a test to your membership to the planet’s citizenry. You KNOW what you need to do. You always do.


Sagittarius – Pluto in 2nd and Saturn in the 11th – Pluto has been hard at work for 2 years now presenting you with a chance to change your priorities. Now, Saturn wants you to take that new conceptual framework and fuse it with your life-long dreams: your bucket list. Sagges aren’t shy. Think big, go for it. Quit trying to do all things by yourself; it’s time now that you actively look for a group that sees eye-to-eye with you. Saturn will help you inasmuch as you share your optimistic attitude with the rest of group. AVOID DOWNERS at all costs.


Capricorn – Pluto in the 1st and Saturn in the 10th – Wow, what a combination. It’s a good thing that Saturn is “at home” in the 10th. Pluto continues on with its “get real” promo that has been going on since 1/25/08. Now, Saturn insists that you not only make your move (Pluto) but that you take your stance. Stand in your truth is the message. Don’t give the “right” answer, give YOUR answer.


Aquarius – Pluto in the 12th and Saturn in the 9th – Not only have you been really dredging up he karmic crud, now Saturn is naturally pressing you to understand it all. Hell, doesn’t that sound like a Contrarius? Please, take a break now and then. Turn that pressure-valve on the side of your head and GIVE THAT BRAIN OF YOURS A REST!  Pssssshhhhhssssssst! Seriously, great philosophical strides can be made now! Yes, it really is all connected – just ask Pisces.


Pisces – Pluto in the 11th and Saturn in the 8th – Even though you really don’t have a self, well, like sorta kinda, you still have to act like you do. FOLLOW YOUR PASSIONS! It’s really OK (11th). You don’t have to follow someone else’s just to be nice. Stand your ground in terms of how much you will give and to whom. You are here to surrender to the BIG WILL but not to others’. Take time to and for yourself. Be nice to you; the greatest sign out there. Try it: say, “No…No…No…”



---Astrology is a personal

calendar of your readiness---





1. Pluto has been causing massive change at the fundamental level of just about everything for two years now. It’s shaking us to our core; only systems and people with integrity will survive.

2. Saturn entered Libra on 10/28/09, thusly; Saturn and Pluto are now at right angles to each other. More stress.

3. The beginning of this wonderfully fortunate new world order has been birthed by transiting Neptune, Chiron, and Jupiter since 5/25/09 – and is now dispersing. Its effects will be lasting and will take time to not only see but to appreciate. It brought at least some new degree of compassion towards those of our kind who are not well - just like a civilized nation is expected to do.

4. May 27, 2010 – Within 6 days of one another, Jupiter and Uranus will enter a NEW ZODIAC at 0° Aries. They will oppose Saturn in Libra and all 3 will square Pluto at that time. This will be known as the Cardinal Tsquare – The New Revolution. Uranus starts anew zodiacal each 84 years and Jupiter does so every 12 – this time, they’re doing so together!


Translation: after all of the stressors of the new Saturn/Pluto stage, and the encouragement from Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter, Jupiter and Uranus’s new spark in Aries will BE HUGE. We’re going to take action. Not AGAINST anybody or anything, but FOR ourselves.


We’ll be revolting against revolting against. We got ourselves stuck. We have to free ourselves. I’m quite encouraged. After all, we’ve simply been revolting against another part of our own family anyway. You wait… Jupiter and Uranus will be like the two solid rocket boosters on the Space Shuttle. We’re all in this together. We have 14 more years to LEARN this lesson; then, Pluto will enter Aquarius – and we can probably safely say we’re then in the Age of Aquarius. That hasn’t happened for 26,000 years.





1/13 Saturn goes Retrograde 10:58a – Saturn will turn about face and start to approach another exact square to Pluto. Look for our lovely congress to find more crap to argue about instead of taking care of the country. It means much more than that. It means that it’s time to back off a bit and rethink matters having to do with major shifts in your life. Yes, you need to face them, but take time to make sure you want to make large-scale changes.


1/15 Solar Eclipse 25°a01’ 2:11a – Well, let’s see, you’ll have the Sun, Moon, North Node, Mercury, Venus and Pluto all in Capricorn! I’m note entirely sure that I’d want to be born that day! Things will be serious but I think this major lunation occurring with Venus is a pleasant surprise. Look for legislation to pass that will help out the Arts as well as social programs.


1/17 Jupiter enters Pisces 3:23p – This is very significant as benevolent Jupiter leaves Chiron and Neptune behind. The New Start has begun. Now, we’re on our own without Jupiter-rolling-a-7 good luck. Neptune and Chiron will behave very differently now. The exaggerated optimism that it caused earlier will now have to face more facts: Who’s gonna pay for all this stuff?


Nevertheless, Jupiter is happiest in Pisces, a true blessing and a sign of great spiritual growth.


1/19 Sun enters Aquarius 11:28pm – Another good sign. Aquarius helps us to think about being independent and taking care of ourselves.


1/30 Full Moon 10°b15’ – This lunation is with Mars in Leo and opposite Venus in Aquarius. Well, er, ah, how do I say, it’s time to let try another Love-In. Winter of Love?


1/31 Saturn squares Pluto 5:07p – Arg. These two guys need to chill, really. It’s another huge shift with the economy and Wall St. Please, read the fine print on your credit card bill. They’re gonna dump it on the consumers, right? Can’t they see that when the timbers break down below, we all lose? Heavy economic stuff right now - Happy New Year indeed.



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