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Volume 46, November 2009

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Where seldom is heard a discouraging word”






Many times, astrology is just right-on. If your sexual partner is a(n):


Aries – Be ready for an adventure. Don’t exactly look for long, sensitive foreplay – ain’t gonna happen. No place for hang-ups either. Get with it. Tell them how good they are.


Taurus - Take your time, I mean, what’s the hurry? Savor the moment and the ambiance.  Any strawberries in the frig? Pleasant smelling candles? Low light? Atmosphere is everything. Oh, I didn’t know my elbow could feel so good!


Gemini – My goodness, anything goes here! Chandelier’s nice and strong. You want me to do what? No, I’ve not made love in a grocery store before. This is not the time to use your cell phone either. Geez. Leave that costume for Halloween, will you? What a circus, sure, invite your cousins over. What is that that you’re rubbing on my ears?


Cancer – Can you be gentle with me? This is no place to speak of past conquests. Your partner is the only one. This is the place for long foreplay. Except, none of this is play. Lots of hugging and nuturing. Yeh, really. Yes, I will love you in the morning and forever and ever. OK? I will NEVER leave you, promise.


Leo – What a performance! Encore! This could last a while, I tell ya. Buy a huge waterbed with a great big canopy. Do we have to use the cameras tonight? This is quite a production. You must have gone to school for this – no?! Make sure you compliment your partner’s abilities, twists and turns.


Virgo – Let’s see, it’s 11:05, you’re 5 minutes late. Did you remember the sanitized towels? If we get done with this “task” before 11:25 I’ll be able to get 8 hours of sleep, exactly. Please, don’t start crying. OK, that’s better. I always like it better if my leg is wrapped around this way, yes, that’s it.


Libra – Tell her how beautiful her negligee is. Yes, I know, the makeup comes off afterwards. This should be very pleasant and elegant. Make sure the music is appropriate and make dang sure no one is peeping in the windows. Do I like your my earrings?


Scorpio – Oh my, better have a pitcher or two of ice-cold water on the bed-stand. Well, I never, I didn’t know it could be this intense! I never did it on altar linens before. Don’t DARE call him or her the wrong name in the midst of passion; that could be the end of you.


Sagittarius – Hey, what the heck – you never tried that before? Hell, it’s fun, c’mon! Anything goes here. What was your name again? Oh yeah. Try running down the hall first, come back and then jump….! It’s a blast. Who cares about doing it “right”, sure, I’ll try that. Exactly what type of ointment is that?


Capricorn – Well dear, I just don’t understand. We’re really not supposed to try positions other than the missionary, are we? May I take a break? I’m starting to sweat a little bit. Are you OK? I don’t want you to get a bruise anywhere, and Lord forbid, what about a blood clot! Could you imagine the bills for that?


Aquarius – Well it’s all so wonderful, isn’t it? I just love to explore every inch of you. You never tried this with a black-light on! It’s way cool. Yes, I’ll love you in the morning; I’m just not sure where I’ll be by then – who knows?


Pisces – Yes Jill, I mean Joanne, er Judy – you’re simply the greatest. Don’t you have to be at work now? It’s Monday morning at 11:00am. Yes, I’d love to float away with you too.


And when it’s all said and done, may all of you astrological aficionados have a few extra sextiles.



Each of us lives in an emotional world. You may not notice this world but it’s probably better said that we all tend to take this highly-defined invisible world for granted. This arena in which we move is largely formed and sustained by the astrological archetype into which we were born. Keep in mind, as always, that your Sun sign is just part of your makeup. There is much more to you and your nature.


What I mean by an emotional world is that we feel our way through life naturally. Many times we expect others to feel the same way as we do and we often shake our heads in misbelief when others don’t. As you can imagine, this can lead to continual friction. The emotional sphere we live in explains very much about our behavior and also shows why we get the “astrological reputations” that we do. If you do what you do it’s because that’s what you do. And, if you do what you do (naturally) then you don’t do what you don’t do. Clear?


You’ll get the idea when you read through the following sections and think of yourself, your family and your friends and you’ll get the idea that their Yellow Submarine is quite different than the one in which you find yourself submerged.


Aries – The Aries world is like a big bowling alley where you’re the only bowler, no rules, have as many balls as you want and you can just bowl and bowl and bowl. The pins are always setup automatically. It’s there for your amusement. There are no restrictions. Hell, it’s time to bowl, isn’t it, let’s go! Oops, don’t get in the way…

Taurus – It’s cozy and there’s lots of good food. Life is simple and not rushed. The world is relatively small but who cares? Big things don’t fit in this world. Relaxed and sensuous contentment. Big cushions.

Gemini – What a fascinating cornucopia of interesting things to explore! It’s light and bouncy. Nothing heavy here. Always something novel to do. It’s not necessary to take a stand on any issue here; we can just brush those matters aside. An electronic sandbox – what a gas. And there are so many fun boys and girls all around. Let’s see… what will I wear today? Who will I be?

Cancer – It’s soft, tender, and quiet. It’s warm; everybody loves me and I love them. I have to keep that strong front door good and shut. Got to keep out all those loud, scary noises outside. It’s safe here, warm and nourishing. All my small delicate collectibles and memorables are on the shelf.

Leo – Wow! What a stage! I feel like singing. Why’s everybody so uptight? Can they see me? Can they tell what great talent I have? The world is colorful and daringly bright. The band is so good and we make incredible music together. I wonder what song the crowd wants to hear next.

Virgo – The place smells like sawdust. Everybody is watching me… did I just make a mistake? I hope not. I have so much to do and there’s so little time. I wish those other guys would get things right, you know; if you want something done right, you just have to do it yourself. Would you just look at that hutch I made yesterday, it’s just perfect, and it’ll last 200 years! Quick, gotta hop in the shower, I have things to do.

Libra – It’s like a glamour ball – all the time. Everybody has such nice clothes on; I do hope I look ok. The world is pleasant here, nice smells, beautiful fabrics, and paintings. Everyone is so polite and charming. I’m glad those crude people I saw aren’t here, it’s so pleasant. All in good time, yes thank you, I believe I will have some more champagne.

Scorpio – This is one dark, intense place. All move about so furtively. Gotta be careful – everyone is playing for big stakes here. Why it’s Wuthering Heights! It’s an eternal place and only the brave of heart inhabit this place. Don’t stare at me! I’ll stare right back. The wafting odor of passion all around; it’s so mysterious; it’s so uncontainable. Gotta be bold.

Sagittarius – My goodness, I love it here! It’s huge and fun and let’s just enjoy ourselves. Hell, put it on one of my credit cards, I don’t care! What a blast, load up the van! Let’s get going. I don’t care where!

Capricorn – It’s just like a bank office. Professional and everyone is doing their job. No one is out of order. It’s quiet and no alarms are going off. We all know what we have to do and there’s just no room for misbehaving. It’s my job to follow orders… I saw a rowdy van go by, you wait, they’ll end up in jail where they should be.

Aquarius – What an amazing world we have here! It’s just so fascinating! How could anyone be bored. What a wonderful place we can all build together here. Think of the possibilities. It could be a utopia, really. It’s so important that we don’t rain on each others’ parade. I’m not getting stuck in other people’s emotional baggage. My friends… where are my friends?

Pisces – It’s like the beach, it’s unbounded. Look at the vast ocean. I just love everyone and everything in it. I just want to float on top of it and see where I end up. I’m sure it will be wonderful and I’ll end up somewhere inviting. I am just so lucky.









Now, you really want to get confused?


The first chart is what’s commonly known as a “birth chart” or “natal chart.” The chart is done for “today”, as I type. Note, the rising sign is in Capricorn due to the time I made the chart. Notice also that the houses are an irregular number of degrees due to the fact that I’m using the “Placidus” house system. It is by far the main type of chart we use.


The second type of chart is done for the same moment but notice that all the houses are exactly 30 degrees and the degree of the Sun is placed on the beginning of the first house. This is called a Solar chart.


The third type of chart places the first degree of that day’s Sun sign on the first house. This is called a “Solar Sign” chart. See how all the houses begin with the 0 degree of each sign.


Now, to the usages: All the charts work. For example, transiting Pluto which is now in early Capricorn may appear in 3 different houses when placed upon these examples. It’s not that one chart is more right than the others; they all give an astrologer 3 different ways of looking at how Pluto is affecting you.


The third type is what astrologers have to use for global, horoscope “predictions.” It the one where we treat all Geminis as 0 degrees Gemini, all Tauruses as 0 degrees Taurus, etc. And, it’s why global horoscopes such as seen in the daily paper are so general. --- I’m glad we straightened that out.





Neptune is the one planet that causes me to hold my head on both sides when I see a client enter my office who is undergoing the influence of that cloudy planet. It’s just that it’s impossible to understand. Neptune is a spiritual planet, but, what does that mean? When I used to have my own radio show in the early eighties, I used to talk to callers undergoing Neptune’s influence. I’d ask them, “What do you feel that is shifting in your life spiritually?” And, bet your bottom dollar, they would say, “Oh, I always go to church on time.”


That’s not what I meant. That’s an attendance report. Now, some 27 years later (one Saturn cycle) people are starting to understand what “spiritual development” is all about. At least, a growing number are. When Neptune is transiting your chart it is common to feel cloudy, like you’re unsure of what is going on.


What REALLY is happening is that God is calling you back home. It’s that simple.


Unfortunately, the way it is experienced is that many feel that the “grass is greener” somewhere else. This often leads to married folks feeling dissatisfied, resulting in them having affairs. Most times this ends disastrously. The point is, the unconscious mind is trying to urge the conscious mind to stop looking for gratitude on the worldly plane. And to Neptune, the “world” is just an illusion – it doesn’t “exist.” A Neptune time IS a great time to go to India or to the ashram or start up meditation or yoga. Most Americans, however, don’t quite take that path just yet – we’re getting there however. The Far East has always been so far ahead of us arrogant Westerners.


So, where does that leave us? Neptune is still transiting our charts… It’s so hard to describe to clients and worse yet to try to “predict” the kind of energy to expect. Neptune decays, softens and dissipates whatever it touches. The boundaries just fade away, just like the Wicked Witch.


It’s so telling to see how transiting Neptune transited the U.S.A.’s Moon in Aquarius about the time that George W. took office (no kidding.) Look what happened to the U.S.A.’ reputation world-wide, and look what happened to the Latinos? All of a sudden, we woke up, “How did all these Mexicans get in here!” Sudden outrage! Just like Neptune, we all KNEW they were sneaking in for decades and decades; we just didn’t care. That’s the real problem with Neptune; negligence.


The point is this. Neptune may leave you with nothing; taking your house, job, kids, money. You just never know what “it” will do. Of course, there is no “it.” It’s all your design. For other people, nothing seems to happen. This is the most unpredictable of all the planets, even more so than Uranus.


To use its energy properly it is best to let go of world attachments and aspirations, turn your eyes inward toward God, not outward, and appreciate what you have. If you don’t, there’s no telling what will happen.


Neptune can leave you spellbound for glamour as was so wonderfully detailed in Liz Greene’s book, “Neptune.” Those with strong Neptunes in their chart may often seek Hollywood, glitz, glamour and the limelight. It is usually an aberration of what Neptune (and your insides) really wants you to see.


Take for example a client I once had. Dad, going thru the Neptune transit, wanted to leave his wife and two little kids to go to Vegas so he could join the Nevada State Police and wear shiny silver sunglasses. He actually said that. Wouldn’t that be cool? We could not convince him to stay, especially for his children. He left anyway.


I never followed up on his case - I didn’t need to.


Finally, another sad, but true story about this huge, blue, gaseous planet. Growing up a Pittsburgh Pirate fan, I was especially fond of pitcher Steve Blass who pitched in the 1960’s and 70’s. He was a big hero for the Pirates in the 1971 World Series. The likable Blass was a very, very fine pitcher. Anyway, around 1973, he simply LOST his ability to pitch. It was not due to arm trouble. An easy-going guy, who can be heard on all their broadcasts today as announcer, his trouble didn’t seem to be due to personal matters.


No one could understand what was going on or diagnose his malady. There was simply no “reason” for it. I’ve even heard him interviewed on this subject recently. His simply lost his touch and couldn’t control the strike zone anymore. His talent slipped away. I knew it was Neptune. It had to be. So I did his chart: Steve Blass 4/18/42 (no time) Canaan, CT. Sure enough, from 1972-5 Neptune was slowly transiting opposite of his Moon (instincts) in Gemini during those years. He took early retirement in 1975. He had lost his instincts. I don’t have any idea why.


This “fall-from-talent” actually, and unfortunately, became known as the “Steve Blass disease.”


I can’t imagine the suffering he went through. There is no explaining why Neptune did this. A true humanistic astrology (like me) would say that he did that to himself. I could understand this if he needed to be humbled, but that’s not the case. Only at the soul level, I believe, will he ever understand this unfortunate, and typically Neptune, course of events. Then, I’m sure it will be seen as a blessing – Neptune.


A few years ago, I happened to see him and his family in a local restaurant here in Pittsburgh. He looked just fine and he seemed to being enjoying life. Good for him. Thanks for the great years, Steve.




August, 1969


The 60's are coming to a close. It has been a tumultuous decade full of change and upheaval with the assassinations of John and Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, the Vietnam War, the Civil Rights movement, and on a lesser scale, the Beatles, San Francisco's summer of love and Timothy Leary's  admonition to tune in, turn on, drop out.


Summer, 1968


Michael Lang, a 23 year old music promoter, who has just produced a successful rock festival in Florida called Miami Pop, moves to Woodstock, NY and ponders the idea of a three day music and arts festival. He forms a partnership with three other people, all in their 20's, and names the event  “Woodstock Music and Art Fair – an Aquarian Exposition”, to be held the weekend of August 15, 1969. As more people come on board for the project, problems arise but Lang never loses sight of his dream.


July, 1969


Their hopes for having the festival in Woodstock, NY, are dashed early on but they decide to continue to call the festival “Woodstock”. The permit for an alternative venue in Wallkill, NY, is rejected after lengthy meetings with the local authorities. Through a strange turn of events, Lang is taken to look at a field on a dairy farmer's property that might possibly work for the festival site. After seeing this beautiful field, Lang knows he has found his site. He meets with dairy farmer, Max Yasgur, to request permission to lease his field and Yasgur says “yes”.


The problems continue up to the day of the festival. In spite of Yasgur's permission, they only have three weeks to prepare. Local carpenters are hired to build the stage, they rush to complete the fencing – fencing that will inevitably get torn down.


Why did Michael Lang never give up?


Lang is a sun sign Sagittarian with Mars in Sagittarius. Although his initial idea for the festival was for a commercial venture, his ultimate goal reflected his heart's desire to bring like minded people together for a celebration of the new values of peace and harmony. The expansiveness of Jupiter, reflected in his Sun and Mars, played out in his desire to create a gathering that would be a venue for the counter culture to mingle and celebrate. His Mars opposition to Uranus, as well as his Uranus in Gemini, provided him with the juice to be a catalyst for the zeitgeist of this era.


Lang's father provided him with guidance on how to handle life's obstacles. He personified the cheerfulness and enthusiasm of Sagittarius in every interaction and situation that he had to resolve. Typical of Sag, he was impossible to dislike. When Bill Graham, the impresario of the Fillmore East, heard about all the bands he had lined up for Woodstock, he was furious and confronted Lang, telling him that he was infringing on his territory and that he would do whatever he could to sabotage the festival. Somehow Lang figured out a way to appease him and Graham eventually participated in the festival. Losing the Wallkill, NY permit was a huge blow but he didn't let anger destroy his zeal to still make it work, even though 150,000 tickets had been sold. Lang has Mercury in Capricorn and Moon in Scorpio, placements that help ground him. He had good business acumen (Mercury in Capricorn) and the intensity and determination (Moon in Scorpio) to achieve his goals.


He was a magnet for others who shared his vision as he was aware of the coming Age of Aquarius and saw the festival as an Aquarian exposition. With his Venus at 0° Aquarius trine his Uranus in Gemini, he was nothing short of a catalyst for this historic event.


By the time the festival began on August 15 and people already knew that it was going to become a free concert. In Lang's words, “Something comes along and throws things in a different light – that's when those magical things happen.  Those aren't the words of someone whose sole interest related to the commercial success of the venture. During a TV interview, Lang smiled when he admitted that it was a financial disaster. He perceived the mood of sharing and unity and the euphoria of the scene as sufficient payment for his efforts.


It's hard to imagine how anything else that would occur in Lang's life subsequent to Woodstock could equal his experience as the person whose idea it was. In his own words, “I knew I had to get away from it because if I was going to compare the rest of my life to that moment, I'd be screwed. When you experience something like that, you can’t keep it as a comparative thing for anything else.”  With forty years perspective, Lang feels that it was a sociological phenomenon whose ideas and the things that were planted there haven't stopped. “Everyone there had to treat everyone else as their brother and realize that we're all part of the human family.”


Why did Max say Yes?


Max Yasgur was a successful dairy farmer in Bethel, NY. He was a conservative republican who was well respected by other farmers in the area. When approached by Lang to lease his land for the festival, he was open to the idea. Even though the other farmers protested, Yasgur never wavered. Lang and Yasgur were both Sagittarians, with their Suns conjunct within a three degree orb.


Another piece of the puzzle as to why Max said yes relates to his Uranus in Aquarius. He saw the festival as a positive event that could bridge the generation gap. He wasn't opposed to shaking things up. With his Moon and Mars conjunct (within 1°) in Libra, he had an interest in the arts and realized the need for compromise and cooperation. After the festival, he helped some of the hippies re-connect with their parents and he donated his percentage of the profits from the documentary to drug rehab programs. Midway through the festival, he was brought on stage where he made the following comment:  This is the largest group of people ever assembled in one place and I think you people have proven something to the world – that half a million people can get together and have three days of fun and music and have nothing but fun and music.”


Max Yasgur died in 1974, four years after the festival. He had a close square between his Moon/Mars conjunction in Libra and his Pluto in Cancer. His magnanimous gesture flew in the face of conventional wisdom – that a half million people couldn't congregate in a muddy field for three days with very few resources and be at peace - and yet it happened and, further, the three days would reverberate and be remembered for years to come. The phoenix did indeed rise from the ashes on a dairy farmer's land after a decade of strife and stress.


Michael Lang continues working as a music producer and produced the Woodstock reunion festival in 1994.


*Note: Lang was born when Jupiter, Neptune, and Chiron were together in Libra!



11/1 Daylight savings, Fall Back one hour, 2am = 1am


11/2 Full Moon 10°_30’ 2:14p – Let’s see, a full moon in Taurus with one Tsquare to Mars and another to Pluto, hmm, let’s see… I’d say these are some explosive, dangerous times we find ourselves in. It’s of the utmost importance that we now rise above the “might-makes-right” attitudes and start finding ways to work and live together. Jive, cliché, war won’t solve anything. Nothing.


11/4 Neptune goes Direct 1:10p – This could symbolize a major turning point with the “public option” health insurance issue since she’s still traveling with Chiron and Jupiter.


11/7 Venus enters Scorpio 7:23p – passions heat up. Weeee.


11/9 Moon opposite Jupiter, Neptune, and Chiron, making a Tsquare to Sun/Mercury in ScorpioThere will be a major announcement (Mercury) from a woman (Moon) regarding the “public option” of the health insurance issue. Hmm, let’s see, Joe Lieberman (a Pisces of all things) is a male, isn’t he?


11/9-15 Sun starts to square Neptune, Chiron, and Jupiter – This should have a lot to do with the “public option” going to press or to vote. The masses, Jupiter, face the spiritual healing emphasis of

Chiron with Neptune. Man’s soul is being stirred now to do what is “right” and compassionate. These 3 planets have never been so close before. They were pretty close during the end of WWII. These 3 are what are symbolizing this entire time period. We are a new world.


11/15 SATURN SQUARES PLUTO 9:42a – This one is so monumental that I have no where to begin. Not only does it symbolize laws and the gov’t standing up to the powers-that-be (insurance companies, banks, CEO’s) it is a harbinger of very harsh times to come. It means we have to deal with old, outmoded ways of using our “power.” This is no joke. It’s almost too late now. These two ruffians don’t play around. The connected when WWI and WWII started as well as during 9/11. Pluto says, “Fix it, or I’ll stomp on you.”


11/16 New Moon 24°e34 2:14p – This New Moon will be the turning point of the public option. It will be finalized in early January as Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron start to finally separate.


11/21 Sun enters Sagittarius 11:23p – Phew, what a relief, let’s party.



*Oh, and, in case you’ve been wondering, Kid Astro is studying abroad. I have no idea who she is.


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