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Volume 45, October 2009

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Where seldom is heard a discouraging word”










I keep hearing it over and over and over.


“When is this transit going to end?”

“When will this planet get off of me?”

“When will I get some relief?”

“When will there be an end to my suffering?”


Tough questions.


The planets are your life.

Life breathes in and out.

The planets move us.

They breathe within and through us.

Which breath do you choose to have?

And which do you want to skip?

Which breath do you wish to stop halfway?


As Michael Singer said in his book,

“The Untethered Soul”

Everything will be ok when you are ok with everything”


One of the reasons that our Saturn in Virgo transits are so stressful now is that Uranus is in the opposite house!


There really is no “opposite house” in actuality. No more than your left lung vs. your right lung, or your left leg vs. your right. That’s the danger of labeling, categorizing, and thinking in black in white terms. The opposing houses really have to do with this: one house is always below the ascendant and is self-oriented; the opposite is similar, but is above the ascendant and is other-oriented.


For example, the second house is about your self-worth. The eighth is about your self-worth when combined with other people. So, you see, they’re really both about self-worth. You’ll see the similar themes in each pairing that follows.


So, if your transiting Saturn is in your first house, then Uranus is in your 7th and that means:

You are to discipline yourself but at the same time try to liberate yourself from bad habits that get you locked into relationships with others and become limiting.

-Saturn in 2, Uranus in 8, try hard to fix your self-worth and get free of entanglements with others where you get lost in the relationships.

-Saturn in 3, Uranus in 9, work to strengthen your mind while entertaining newer, broader perspectives.

-Saturn in 4, Uranus in 10, get your home life/emotional life together while trying to become more independent in the work place.

-Saturn in 5, Uranus in 11, become more cautious about your own self-expression, while finding freedom through working with groups more.

-Saturn in 6, Uranus in 12, get yourself integrated, period, while giving yourself to others.

-Saturn in 7, Uranus in 1, become more responsible to others and take your relationships seriously while working to liberate yourself personally.

-Saturn in 8, Uranus in 2, hold up to your end of the bargain with others while liberating your own self-worth.

-Saturn in 9, Uranus in 3, firm up your philosophy while liberating your thought processes.

-Saturn in 10, Uranus in 4, get things straight at work, but liberate yourself emotionally or through your family.

-Saturn in 11, Uranus in 5, be responsible within your group involvements, but feel free to express yourself for yourself.

-Saturn in 12, Uranus in 6, Respect others by being generous, but don’t shy away from taking care of yourself.



And As for the Arts


(Imagine getting a reading like that)




10/4 Full Moon 11°^10’ 2:10a – Energies shift now as we get a breath of fresh air with Libra/Aries energies. Time to start new projects, rebirths for relationships, and time to dare to take on new roles with the public. Fire your lawyer now if you’re not happy with him or her – but smile.


10/13 Jupiter goes Direct 12:36a – Jupiter will now cross over and rejoin Neptune and Chiron. Look for a “comeback” with the public option in the health care issue. Jupiter always “pulls something from out of nowhere” and benefits us all. Ease is the keyword with Jupiter. Confidence and a good feeling always accompany this planet. No, I’m sorry; I can’t help you with the Lotto.


10/16 Mars goes into Leo 11:33a – Even though Mars is normally quite boisterous in Leo, it will be somewhat suppressed by all of the heavy action of the larger, slow-moving outer planets. Nevertheless, it’s a time to pick ourselves up by our chip-straps and stop being so timid, afraid, and careful. I mean, c’mon now.


10/18 New Moon 24°d59’ 1:33a – With 4 planets in Libra at this time, we should find this to be a significant turning point in all relationships. Compromise is the keyword here and with the sign of the Scales, Libra. Time to bargain and stop being stubborn. Would you rather be “right” or “happy?” That’s the question that Eckhart Tolle asks.


10/23 Sun enters Scorpio 2:44a – Generally, it’s the most heavy-duty day of the year. No foolin. Don’t be scared, but do expect intense happenings. That’s because of the huge contrast of the juxtaposition between mild-mannered Libra and passionate, brooding Scorpio.  


10/29 Saturn enters Libra 1:09p – This is one big, big deal. It finally leaves Virgo, but it will return for a short stay. Saturn has been very militaristic and unforgiving while in Virgo since September of 2007. It will be “exalted” in Libra which means that Saturn operates the best in Libra because Libra is all about justice and fairness. Nevertheless, it will bring us new challenges as well as opportunities in our relationships. Much more will be written about this in ensuing months.


10/31 Happy Halloween!


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