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Volume 40, April 2009

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Welcome to April. I hope you are doing well. Almost everyone is feeling the “pinch” of the new world order. It doesn’t look like things are not going to go “back the way they were.” Even though the economic/political climate has never been more unstable, it may ultimately be a good thing; a sign of new, true change. I hope you’ll find some inspiration from this newsletter and that you may find new footing in these challenging times. Saturn in Virgo, the workhorse, will be giving way to Uranus, the liberator, around April 13. Watch for the shift. Everyone – hang in there, and remember your Starself. What an active month planetarily!







A Battle of the Sexes


I got thinking about astrology’s classification of signs that are “masculine” and “feminine.” It has nothing to do with sexuality or sexual preference. The “masculine” signs, Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius are basically extroverted and active. The “feminine” signs of Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces are basically introverted and more intuitive. If you count Aries as sign 1, all the masculine signs are odd-numbered, while the feminine are the even-numbered.


Well, I got to thinking.

What if the two sides played volleyball?









…Extreme Personalities…



Jane can be seen “channeling” Seth on YouTube at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMRYkgBjCoA


*Interesting note: Venus and Mars were closely conjoined when Jane Roberts started channeling Seth in 1963 AND when Helen Schucman started transcribing “A Course in Miracles two years later -  the very next time Venus and Mars were together.



Up and down, up and down, tension, then relaxation. The planets are really “inconsistent” this month. Just when they start to get peaceful, and uprising occurs. Go with the FLOW!


4/1/1908 Abraham Maslow would be 101 years old today. The American psychologist was known for conceptualizing the Hierarchy of Needs for the human psyche and has been considered the father of humanistic psychology. In order of importance, they consist of:

1. Physiological – running very fast to get away from any bear who is chasing you

2. Safety – hiding well in a place out of reach of the bear’s paw

3. Love/Belonging – respecting the need for the bear to get back to its youngins

4. Self-esteem – being very proud of yourself that you got away

5. Self-actualization – fulfilling the promises you made to God when he saved your butt


4/4 Pluto goes Retrograde 1:33pmLook for another big shift in world politics, especially with the economies. You think we’ve hit rock bottom? I’m not sure. Pluto rules plate tectonics. More major redefinitions are necessary now. We need to be flexible and realize that the global “surgeon” still has some more cancer to excise before healing can begin. This will be true, of course, on an individual level too.


4/4 Mars opposes Saturn 8:55pmThese two planets always signify frustration when they combine. Be patient and don’t let your anger get the best of you. Stamina is required now – this too shall pass.


4/9 Full Moon 19°d53’ 10:56am - Things start to move forward once again from all the crunching tedium of Saturn in Virgo for months now. This is the tiny beginning of the dam that’s going to burst on the 13th when Mars gets involved with Uranus. Just because this lunation is in “peaceful” Libra, don’t be fooled. The stuff is about to hit the fan, and this might just be the release of steam that we all need to get ready!


4/9 Mercury enters Taurus 10:22am – At the same time, Mercury gets much needed stabilization in the zodiac’s most grounded sign. Keep a level head and make concrete plans. This is a good time to organize your stuff and rethink your financial situation.


4/11 Venus enters Pisces 8:48am – Oh, this is the greatest combination of planets/signs possible; beautiful Venus in its exalted position in Pisces. It may be short-lived, but almost anything you do now will be bestowed with grace. Buy flowers and dolphin wallpaper.


4/13-14 Mars conjuncts Uranus! – Now, the scales tip towards the unconventional as Saturn in Virgo no longer has the upper-hand. Look for things to shift dramatically as patience wears thin all around. This can be a great thing if used properly. Go for it! Break the old patterns.


4/17 Venus goes Direct 3:24pm – As it separates from Mars and starts forward, this should indicate positive movement on the relationship front.


4/19 Sun enters Taurus 6:45pm – A much needed respite of sane Taurean, grounded energy. Please, go garden. Get dirty.


4/22 Mars enters Aries 9:44am – Wouldn’t you know it, as soon as we get grounded, it’s time to dig it up again! It’s time to simplify your life and enjoy the small things. Race rider mowers.


4/23-27 Pluto squares Venus & Mars – Wow!, what can I say about this one in regards to sexuality and passion. Just look at those 3 planets involved! I don’t have to say anything. If your child is born today, they’ll have Elvis charisma. Seriously. (I just couldn’t say Elvisian)


4/24 New Moon_04’ 11:23pm – With a strong Sun and Moon in Taurus and down-to-earth Saturn in Virgo, you’d better be realistic about this one. Before you go off building castles in the sky, make sure you have enough stones and mortar.


4/30 Mercury enters Gemini 6:30pm – Just what we needed, right after Mercury squares Neptoon (living in that castle) it’s time to blab all about it. G’head, get it off your chest.





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