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Volume 38, February 2009

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Welcome to February. A lunar eclipse is in store for us as well as the end of Mercury retrograde this month. We also will see stage 2 out of 3 of the Saturn opposition to Uranus. All of this happens in early February. This promises to be a very active, stimulating month with as many as six planets in Aquarius. Time to break out the test tubes and start inventing new solutions to this mess we find ourselves in. Hail to the Aquarian mind; minds we all tend to underestimate (Thomas Edison, FDR, Lewis Carroll, Charles Dickens, James Joyce, Gertrude Stein, Jules Verne, Jean Auel, Ayn Rand, Galileo.)












Awhile back, I was working in customer support for a certain company, which means I had access to customer’s birthdates. It really did come in handy when I had to talk to them; it gave me an edge in how to keep the discussion more harmonious than what would have been possible if I hadn’t had that knowledge. For example, when I talked to a(n):


Aries - I got right to the point; didn’t mince words, and I didn’t get offended if they were very direct. What’s the bottom line?


Taurus - I took my time; I didn’t interrupt them. I was very cautious when it came to exact money amounts. Taureans don’t take kindly to being overcharged, etc.


Gemini - I allowed them to chit-chat. I made sure they were aware of other options our company had to offer. I also had to keep guiding them back to the central theme of the conversation.


Cancer - One usually has to wear some type of white gloves when talking with Cancers. You usually have to be very careful not to get harsh with them in any way.


Leo - This sign is simply; treat them with respect and expect the same. Don’t tell them they’re wrong. 


Virgo - Don’t tell them they’re wrong either - it’s most likely that it’s you that made the mistake if there is one. Don’t fool around; keep all talk to straight business. Get all the details exactly right.


Libra - Be pleasant; manners and tact are everything with them. They are very flexible and appeasing if you play nice.


Scorpio - Don’t try to disguise anything - it won’t work, and in fact will backfire on you. Don’t pry, they are very private.


Sagittarius - Just say what you have to say (within company policies) and let them do their thing and all will be fine (and fun!)


Capricorn - Just stick to the “way it’s supposed to be done.” Don’t throw them any curveballs. Be official and respect their title and/or position.


Aquarius - Be friendly, they are very open. Let them be a bit off-beat if they wish; that’s their nature. Listen carefully to them - they are usually way ahead of their time.


Pisces - The most complex, unpredictable of all. Be kind. Don’t expect them to stay on track; keep things simple and nice. Don’t let them rip themselves off.



 Your Essence  


I got to thinking - basically, every sign (and ruling planet) does one thing most of the time.

It’s your essence. It really is at the basis of all that you do. Think about it:




When PLUTO is transiting you, you need to LET GO, be courageous, and let things and relationships die that are already weak or hollow. You need to go it alone and find your own power.


When NEPTUNE is activated in your chart, you need to dig deep, and realize that you are being stripped down to your very spiritual self, and find strength from within. Neptune will not support your “worldly” interests - usually a spiritual crisis ensues. How is they say, you are not a human being having a spiritual experience, rather, you are a spiritual being having a human experience.


URANUS is usually the most “disruptive.” We are used to suppressing ourselves. And when Uranus is around, our insides don’t want to hear it anymore. Many people come down with great anxiety, irregular heartbeats, great stress, etc., all symptoms that you REAL YOU INSIDE wants out!



SATURN “requires” that we become responsible for the very state that our life is in. If we run from our responsibilities, it will bring us (or our bodies) to a dead stop. It is merely complying with our inner desire to get things straight.


The other planets are easier to describe and handle.


MARS means action, we have to act on the matter in question, although Mars transits only last a few days, where Pluto transits can last as long as 3 or 4 years.


When you look back through your entire life, Pluto was probably present when you had “dark nights of the soul.” Neptune was around when there were any deceptions (most likely self-deception,) escapism, alcoholism, or drug use. Also, it is quite common for Neptune to bring hard to diagnose (psychosomatic) illnesses. Uranus most likely brought you great stress, (“I can’t handle it!, I gotta get out of here!”,) or great release, freedom and excitement. Good ole Saturn usually will mark a time when responsibility and even hardship was piled on you. A good astrologer can discern these periods for you.


…Extreme Personalities…




2/1 Mercury goes Direct, 2:11am - always a relief. All of a sudden, your laptop starts working again.


2/2 Venus enters Aries, 10:42pm - Time to be bold - pop the question.


2/4 Mars enters Aquarius, 10:56am - Join the crowd… Now there are 5 planets in Aquarius, plus the North Node of the Moon. Meaning: time to do your thing, time to break out of old ways and risk.


2/5 Uranus opposes Saturn, 6:00am - For the second time. This one first collided on election day. This is a biggie. If you are feeling irritable, it’s not because your best friend voted for the opposite party, it’s because you need to balance your conservative side with your liberal side. We all have both.


2/9 Lunar Eclipse, 21° Leo 00’ 9:49am - This eclipse is massive as the Sun is next to Neptune. It’s time to do things on a big level (Moon in Leo.) Think of what you can do to help out the collective - something humanitarian. That’s from all the crowd of planets in Aquarius now. Aquarius, the sign of great paradoxes. Do for yourself as you do for others, it’s one and the same.


2/18 Sun enters Pisces, 7:47am - With all these outer planets being active, don’t be tempted to float off into outer space. Kindness is the word for Pisces. Or, go swimming.


2/24 New Moon, 6° Pisces 35’, 8:35pm - Right on my Moon, o boy. This lunation is a perfect time to go within and pay special attention that quiet inner voice. Pisces is very subtle; its voice is barely heard in these noisy, chaotic times. All the great spiritual books say the same thing - listen to that still voice within.





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Diane Lane, Abraham Lincoln, W.C. Fields, Oprah Winfrey, Ronald Reagan



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