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Volume 37, January 2009

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Happy New Year everyone!


Your 2009 Forecast

and Your

Sun-Sign New Year’s Wishes!








2009, A Look at Your Personal Year



Focusing especially on Pluto in Capricorn, the continued Saturn opposition to Uranus, and the major stellium (conjunction) of Jupiter, Neptune, and Chiron during May and June of this year:


Briefly, here is the way an astrologer does a “horoscope” for the coming year:


Firstly and obviously, Pluto will spend its first full year in Capricorn which it hasn’t done since 1768. Reams could be written about this, but basically it checks and alters our societal forms and structure, such as governments. Don’t fool yourself, it will be intimately involved with us personally too, not just affecting the collective. What does it mean? Personally, it’s clearly time to “get with it” and make your best effort. “Leave the past behind” is the best advice. Collectively, and in all nations, it questions whether we are governing ourselves in humane, effective and fair ways. Pluto will be there for the next 16 years (it’s a generational planet) but its first year should be a doozy, eh Wall Street and Detroit?



Secondly, Saturn and Uranus will continue to oppose one another. Saturn, representative of the collective conservative energy opposes URANUS, those of changing, progressive energies. We should be careful to try to integrate these two energies, not just let them divide us further. Is it coincidental that they were exactly opposite each other for the first time on the morning of the election this past November 4th I think not. They will oppose one another two more times in 2009.


Thirdly, and this has NEVER happened before: expansive Jupiter (encouragement,) Neptune (spirit,) and Chiron (healing) will ALL BE AT THE SAME EXACT DEGREE at 26° Aquarius in May and June. Remember, Chiron wasn’t discovered until 1977, so in astrological terms, it didn’t “exist” yet. And keep in mind that the last time it happened, so to speak, was widely, as WWII was ending! This triplicate cannot be understated because it is in the sign of Aquarius, the sign of our collective mind.


Now, keeping those 3 major events in mind, the astrologer then rotates the charts for each sign…


If you are an Aries, the chart is viewed as it is displayed at the start of this section, i.e., with Aries in the “first house” which is always between 8pm and 9pm on the clockface. Planets express themselves differently in each of the different houses - i.e., you will experience the brunt of their forces in specific areas of your life such as relationships, health, job, etc. Read on the internet about “astrological houses” to learn more. It is too expansive of a topic to be addressed here. Or, consult my past newsletters where each “house” has been carefully delineated.


So, for all Aries on the planet, generically, they are facing PLUTO (PL) in the TENTH HOUSE, SATURN opposite URANUS (SU) between the SIXTH and TWELFTH houses, and finally, the stellium of JUPITER, NEPTUNE, and CHIRON (JNC) will be in their ELEVENTH, as shown in the diagram above.


Another example, say you are a Sagittarian, we rotate the chart so that Sag is in the first house, or to our left and the result looks like this:




But this time, the PLANETS are still in the same SIGNS but in different relative HOUSES. And, for all Sagittarians on earth. Pluto (PL) will exert its influence on the SECOND house, JUPITER, NEPTUNE, and CHIRON (JNC) on the third, and the SATURN opposition to URANUS (SU) will go on along the tenth house - fourth house axis (IV.) (Roman numerals represent the HOUSES)


Then, we blend and interpret thusly:


Aries - PL in X, there will be a concerted effort to make great headway in your career. Aries needs to challenge themselves; if you’re caught in a dead-end job, you really need to find a way out or at least a way to create adventure in your vocation. SU in VI-XII means that you’ll need to blend your works skills with what’s demanded of you. I know you like to do things your way at all times, but it won’t work now - you’ll need to remain flexible and realize that sometimes, others know a better way. Blessings (JNC XI) will come from your many friendships as you reap the good awards from being so friendly, open, and gung-ho!


(Now, we rotate the chart once more so that Taurus is in the position of the first house, etc.)


Taurus - PL coming out of your IX now will give you the desire to start to address your long-held (and probably outmoded) philosophies. Taurus doesn’t change easily, but does so steadily and effectively. You are in the mood to totally uproot (PL) your old ideas (IX) in exchange for newer, more progressive ones! SU, you will start to see the direct correlation between what you are getting and what you are giving! Saturn will encourage you to put out more effort in all your relationships. Finally, JNC will bring you great opportunities in the career (X) as new horizons open to you just as you are opening your mind from the transit of PL.


Gemini - The usually light-hearted Twins now go deep, deep, deeper as intense Pluto transits VIII, the house of intense emotions. Geminis find more to relationships now than they ever knew existed. The grass ISN’T always greener somewhere else. You will need to pay your dues (SU) as you always want to explore new vistas (Uranus in X,) but Saturn (IV), and home responsibilities demand your time as well. You need to not ignore this, as firming up your foundation (IV) will go a long way towards paving a whole new future soon. And the payoffs will clearly be seen as the May/June JNC will come back to you with huge rewards in the education and/or travel fields (IX.)


Cancer - Relationships really intensify for you too (PL VII) as you will be required from PL to stand up for yourself in all your partnerships - and it won’t matter what family role you are assuming at the time - Pluto requires individual strength.  SU is going to press you from within to put your money where your mouth is (III-IX), i.e., use your mind according to what you have been espousing in your philosophy.  Never mind what your FAMILY thinks, it’s up to what you think - that will be the challenge. JNC will bring blessings in shared resources with you and all that are close to you. An ideal time to start sculpting a great legacy to leave behind.


Leo - PL in VI will urge you to really focus on your job skills. We know you’re creative, but there is a higher octave you can achieve in your work - buckle down harder and it will really pay off - you have the courage. SU will test your ability to have real self-worth regardless of how you feel about your relationships or think others feel (II vs VIII houses.) Opportunities for great matches abound in the intimacy department as JNC all transit your relationship house (VII!) That’s true for existing as well as new relationships.


Virgo - PL in V will mark a time for you where it will become very important that you surpass the Virgoan demands to be productive and give of yourself more emotionally. That’s the key here. Being a “good Virgo” who always does “what you’re supposed to do” won’t always fulfill you emotionally. No one is keeping score. SU in your home sign will demand that you become “real” in all your relationships; this should not be hard for you as Virgo is one the most honest, what-you-see-is-what-you-get signs. Rewards (JNC) come to you via the VI house, your home house. In other words, you’ll be recognized for how good your work really is. This is a dream-come-true for Virgo! Look for expansion of duties at work too, and more opportunity to excel!


Libra - Everything pivots around deep-seated emotional release now for Libra with PL in IV! The usually mild-mannered, even-tempered Librans now find themselves not being so patient anymore! PL coming from IV wants deep commitment, not just pleasant sounding-board verbal exchanges. It is time to stop settling for talk; now is time for dedication. SU is hard to pin down coming out of XII-VI. Karma has caught up with you and you really need to buckle down and take care of yourself - in all ways. Creative outlets, especially involving children (JNC V) will offer release of nervous tension. Don’t shy away from new creative endeavors.


Scorpio - You will barely notice PL in III as that’s the house of the mind and Scorps are used to thinking deeply.  The SU tug from XI to V will demand that you share with the group around you; something Scorpio is usually pretty good at. Don’t get caught up in doing it all yourself, remember there are many around you to offer help. JNC IV brings growth and healing to the family unit. It’s a great time to start new traditions and pastimes in the family and to bring up old wounds to be healed. Chiron will help.


Sagittarius - PL in your II means it’s time to really get after building a healthy sense of self-worth. This can also be reflected by a new, more responsible attitude toward your finances. Sweep the deck clear. Keep your arrows aimed high and you will go very far this coming decade. Work hard at your job; don’t just make promises, and it will pay off with all types of new opportunities (JNC III.) New ideas will pour out of your already fertile mind. Travel opportunity abounds too. Travel the planet, why not?


Capricorn - This is YOUR TIME to make your move - literally (PL I!) No more talk here, it’s obvious, you’ve known it was coming for ages. No more coloring insides the lines. Pluto is in YOUR sign now; that means your POWER HAS ARRIVED. Don’t even think about shying away from it. Ain’t gonna happen. SU requires that you really match your philosophy (IX) with the way you really think (III.) No more, what you’re supposed to think, put your beliefs where you thoughts are. JNC II brings material rewards, but mostly, a renewed sense of well-being as you start to think like YOU instead of how you’re supposed to!


Aquarius - PL in XII brings many things heretofore unconscious to the surface. Now is the time to meditate, to get past-life regression, to open a journal, or any type of self-reflection. Aquarians have powerful minds. It’ time now to get your inspiration from deep within instead of just computing the facts that are available. SU requires that you deal evenly with respect to the worth of your partnership (VIII-II) as well as your own. They are the same. Finally, JNC in your first house couldn’t be greater. People who can’t keep up with you (because you’re always 30 years ahead of your time) will just have to step aside. No more waiting. You are going to be greatly inspired to show your true individuality in May and June!


Pisces - And last but not least: PL exerts its power in your XI. That means it’s time to do what you really want to do. Your aspirations are usually quite non-earthy. That’s OK, go for it! PL brings out your passions and for too long now others have told you how “unpractical and dreamy” you were. So what? Follow your dreams now and before you know it, they’ll all be following you like Forrest Gump! SU asks that you start to tame some of the wild seeds you have grown since Uranus entered Pisces in 2003. This is not contradictory, do your thing, but don’t live in castles in the sky! Finally, JNC XII will bring you a great feeling from within of FAITH, faith in yourself, and faith in the powers that abound and sustain you.



Highly Recommended Reading:

From Cathy Pagano


An excerpt from her Capricorn New Moon article


Re: Pluto in Capricorn


…This season, Americans are resonating to this archetypal energy once again. After just a few months of Pluto moving into Capricorn, we've seen the veneer of respectability and responsibility being stripped from our financial systems and governmental structures. And we're just looking at the outer layers of decay! The size and scope of the greed and corruption is already overwhelming. Wait until we find out what these folks have really been up to! We have 16 more years as Pluto moves through Capricorn to peal back the layers of corruption and misuse of power so we can finally create the type of government that is truly of, by and for the people…


The entire article is available at:




From her web site: Cathy Pagano, M.A. is a Jungian Psychotherapist and iPEC Core Energy Coach, and has been a practicing Astrologer for 20 years. While studying at the C.G. Jung-Institut, Zurich, Switzerland, Carl Jung’s daughter – an astrologer – told me “If you don’t become a Jungian analyst, you should become an astrologer.” Well, I became both, and now with my Core Energy Coaching, I can help people find their individual life purpose, and then help them develop their best strategies for creating a healthy, fulfilling, and meaningful life. She is an excellent astrologer and is eye-opening when it comes to dream analysis...




Your Sun-Sign New Year’s Wishes!

by Rick DiClemente and Cheryl Crise


This is not just any New Year. Unlike other eras, it is clearly a new one with Pluto in Capricorn. It is of the utmost importance now that we all contribute to the reconstruction of our planet. Never before have we realized the immediate and direct influence of our actions, mind sets, and intentions. The very thoughts that you are entertaining in your mind right now are affecting you as well as the entire earth in our new quantum world.


Aries – What we need is your bold leadership in helping us all have faith and encourage us all to follow our instincts. We wish you an unfettered path.


Taurus – We need from you a sane, steady, and practical approach in establishing and organizing our new social structures. We wish you patience in getting used the massive shake-ups that are upon us.


Gemini – We need your vast encyclopedic communication skills and your curiosity in order for us to make well-informed decisions. We wish you millions of new vistas to explore along with the culture’s respect for your knowledge.


Cancer – What we need from you is to help us re-establish healthy roots and traditions as we reinvent the family unit. It is important that you not panic. We wish you security and solace from within.


Leo – We need your contagious pride in our God-given Divinity. And we wish you the opportunity to participate in creating our New World where all people are shown dignity and respect.


Virgo – Your ability to improve any situation without pointing fingers, and your willingness to volunteer for any job is of monumental importance now. We wish you the gratitude and appreciation that your talents and oft unsung contributions deserve.


Libra – What is needed from you is your high-minded diplomacy and your steadfast insistence that the New World be rebuilt with grace. We wish you a new culture, one of social ease.


Scorpio – We need your considerable courage and determination to do what you know in your gut is right. In these new times, we wish you a life of substance, meaning, and richness.


Sagittarius – We ask of you to be our cheerleaders and our visionaries. We wish you the opportunities to enjoy life in the midst of these uncertain times.


Capricorn – We need your wisdom to learn from past mistakes in order to replace them with new holistic institutions. What we wish for you is the courage to let go of the outmoded forms.


Aquarius – We need the Water-bearers inherent appreciation of enlightened self-interest. And we wish you the opportunity to create a bold new utopia.


Pisces – We need your spiritual perspective and your compassion for your fellow human beings. We wish that others see your true value as elevated souls.







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