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Volume 36, December 2008

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Welcome to December. As we come to the end of our third year together…my, it has flown by!




This is a shortened, vacation-sized newsletter this month. I am in the midst of moving and Kid Astro and I are just too busy to put out a regular issue. I am not semi-retiring, but I am semi-going-into-seclusion in order to write a book that has been screaming to get out of me for years. I will still be in the Pittsburgh general area and will be keeping my Green Tree 

office open at least 2 days a week (by appointment only.) I intend to do more phone readings in order be available to you and to facilitate the writing process.



 Pluto in Capricorn - It’s Here to Stay  


Not enough can be said about tonight’s (November 26) ingress of Pluto in Capricorn at 8:03 pm Eastern. There it will stay for the next 16 years. When astrologer Cheryl Crise and I wrote 

the article about this epic period in late 2007, we knew it would bring sweeping changes but we had no idea that this country and the world was so fragile economically or that it we be so 

prompt. It’s not all bad news however. My newsletters typically circulate throughout the USA and a few other countries to a count of about 650 per month. As I speak, the PL in Cap article 

is in about 30 countries to a count well over 1,300. So, you can see the interest is clearly global - people are trying to get their minds around what’s happening. They can feel the very earth 

shifting under their feet, i.e., Capricorn.


It’s not a mystery. It’s NOT the planets - it’s symbolic. We ALL KNEW this was coming, in one way or another, now Pluto will urge us to reach deep and bring out the best of us. Pluto 

represents “death and rebirth,” yes, but it also represents “our power arriving”, the emergence of all the light-workers and the new re-dedication to our own people - Pluto rules the 

masses - as it also rules the Phoenix rising from the ashes. It requires courage. Usually, since we’re all a pretty stubborn lot, the Dark Days have to come first before we act - that’s what 

we’re in the middle of now. It will be a period 14 years of ups and downs for the US of A. Why? Because in 2022 Pluto will return to where it was when we started in 1776. So, we can 

look for some dire situations, but we can fix things and make them better. Capricorn rules structures, i.e., the government, our institutions, etc. In case you’re not up to speed on what this new 

era is all about, I suggest you read our link:   www.starself.com/polapr08.html


Yes, it is symbolic of the housing, credit, and market crashes we’ve seen.

Yes, it is symbolic the “death of the old rule” as it did to England in the 1770’s.

Yes, we have new leadership.


But the good news is this: people ARE RESPONDING. We’re not just blaming each other, the government, the republicans, the democrats, on and on ad nauseum. We’re supposed to be 

UNITED, remember? People are recognizing that we just haven’t been taking care of Ole Planet Earth properly. Many are rising to the call and I can’t tell you what will happen to those 

who aren’t. Whether Obama was elected or not, WE clearly have to come together as an UNITED STATES; keyword United.


No more can self-service be our standard, together we are a brilliant, resourceful and generous lot. New thinking is required. Old assumptions can no longer suffice.


In the human body, Capricorn rules the knees, bones, teeth and skin.  You may not know how this works, but it rules the STABLE FRAMEWORK of the body, the parts that keep it 

together. The main reason it rules the knees is that it requires firm FLEXIBILITY to be healthy. This is why CAPRICORN entities fail - a lack of flexibility. It doesn’t respond. When 

is the last time you had a human being answer your business phone calls?


We need to tear down (Pluto’s already doing it for us - and quickly I might add) organizations and institutions that don’t truly serve us in a healthy way. Pluto doesn’t fall for smoke 




Many brilliant minds are already at work trying to learn from our failures (and great successes) during Pluto’s stay in Sagittarius (as I’ve already documented clearly) for the past 13 

years. Now, these same minds are learning how the New World must arise. Leading the way is Aquarian author Eckhart Tolle and his best-seller, “A New Earth.”  The real basis of 

this book says that the old EGOIC ways must go. Never before in history have we had to face the direct results of acting from the ego, whether individually or collectively. Now, we 

must act as a global community. This is no joke or Polyannish viewpoint. As Tolle says (about this Pluto process), “Evolve or die.” It’s that simple.


I for one am very encouraged to see the new thinking going on, the new ideas erupting from all around us, the new attitudes that we together can solve this mess in which we find 

ourselves and get on with creating a better, healthier New World. This we must do for our children - and theirs. It is our duty, and Capricorn IS duty.


May you all have a blessed Holy Day season no matter what your religious or spiritual preferences may be.



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