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Volume 35, November 2008

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Welcome to November. I’m not even sure I want to talk about this month. Things are heavy. Election Tuesday sees transiting Uranus exactly opposite transiting Saturn. Left vs. Right

May we keep cooler heads and see it as Left and Right. Then, El Pluto makes its final ingress into Capricorn on Thanksgiving Eve. There it will stay for 16 years. You can easily see the 

effects of turbulent Pluto shaking us to our very foundations. They need shaken, but hopefully, not too hard - and that the rebuilding phase will be effective and prompt.


Dealing with Pluto is hard, never easy, but usually easy to understand: “Sweeping changes are needed - real ones, with no BS.” It’s that simple. If we think that we’re going to get away 

with just patching things, such as Wall Street, it won’t work.




May we find lighter moments all throughout November too and may you have a great Turkey Day.

And SINCE things are so intense right now, I’ve decided to write about NOTHING BUT FUN STUFF.

(Of course this is all done in harmless fun.)


But first,









The Sun/Moon Combination Multiple Choice Test

(Now, you can pick your own answers of course, mine are my opinion only - in some cases, 

there may be more than one appropriate response. All puzzle answers appear at the bottom)


1. Who would you want to do your personal taxes?

a. Aries Sun / Gemini Moon

b. Sagittarian Sun / Aries Moon

c. Taurus Sun / Virgo Moon

d. Gemini Sun / Pisces Moon


2. Who would you prefer to sit next to on a 12-hour flight?

a. Leo Sun / Aries Moon

b. Pisces Sun / Pisces Moon

c. Sag. Sun / Gemini Moon

d. Gemini Sun / Gemini Moon


3. Who would you want to perform your own quadruple heart bypass surgery?

a. Virgo Sun / Capricorn Moon

b. Pisces Sun / Sag. Moon

c. Aquarian Sun / Aries Moon

d. Scorpio Sun / Cancer Moon


4. Who would you NOT like to have for a mother-in-law?

a. Cancer Sun / Leo Moon

b. Taurus Sun / Sag. Moon

c. Gemini Sun / Libra Moon

d. Virgo Sun / Scorpio Moon


5. Who would want as your College advisor?

a. Libra Sun / Aries Moon

b. Sag. Sun / Pisces Moon

c. Capricorn Sun / Taurus Moon

d. Sag. Sun / Sag Moon


6. If you were on Survivor, who would you NOT want in your tribe?

a. Aries Sun / Capricorn Moon

b. Virgo Sun / Virgo Moon

c. Aquarius Sun / Leo Moon

d. Gemini Sun / Libra Moon


7. Which used car salesman would you least likely trust?

a. Virgo Sun / Aquarius Moon

b. Capricorn Sun / Virgo Moon

c. Sag. Sun / Sag. Moon

d. Scorpio Sun / Pisces Moon


8. Who would you trust to rebuild our economy?

a. Leo Sun / Aries Moon

b. Pisces Sun / Pisces Moon

c. Aries Sun / Aries Moon

d. Sag. Sun / Capricorn Moon


9. Jesus Christ natal chart was more likely which combination?

a. Taurus Sun / Taurus Moon

b. Pisces Sun / Leo Moon

c. Aries Sun / Gemini Moon

d. Sag. Sun / Aries Moon


10. Who do you want for President?

a. Virgo Sun / Capricorn Moon

b. Leo Sun / Gemini Moon




Planetary Multiple Choice Quiz


(All puzzle answers appear at the bottom)

1. Which planet would you take with you spelunking in a cave?

a. Moon

b. Venus

c. Pluto

d. Mars


2. Which planet would you want as an understanding friend?

a. Neptune

b. Sun

c. Mercury

d. Moon


3. Which planet would you travel the world with?

a. Jupiter

b. Saturn

c. Mars

d. Uranus


4. Which planet would you like to live on, if the conditions were amenable?

a. Chiron

b. Venus

c. Pluto

d. Mercury


5. Which TWO planets would you want on your side in a fight?

a. Mars

b. Sun

c. Jupiter

d. Pluto


6. Which planet is usually the most “troublesome” to most people?

a. Saturn

b. Uranus

c. Neptune

d. Pluto


7. Which planet is the least understood?

a. Neptune

b. Pluto

c. Uranus

d. Moon


8. Which planet is most like McCain?

a. Jupiter

b. Saturn

c. Venus

d. Mercury


9. Which planet is most like Obama?

a. Venus

b. Sun

c. Chiron

d. Mercury


10. Which planet causes the most fear in most people?

a. Jupiter

b. Saturn

c. Pluto

d. Uranus







----- PUZZLE  ANSWERS -----



The Sun/Moon Combination Multiple Choice Test Answers:


1.                  Taxes, C, Taurus Sun / Virgo Moon, thorough and perfect detail

2.                  Next to on flight, B, Pisces Sun / Pisces Moon, nice and quiet

3.                  Bypass, A, Virgo Sun / Capricorn Moon, perfection and steadiness

4.                  Mother-in-law, D, Virgo Sun / Scorpio Moon, possibly very critical

5.                  Advisor, A, Libra Sun / Aries Moon, offers intelligent options and encouraging

6.                  Survivor, B, Virgo Sun / Virgo Moon, they could be telling everyone what they’re doing wrong

7.                  Used Cars, C, Sag. Sun / Sag. Moon, “Hey buddy, have I gotta deal for you…!”

8.                  Economy, D, Sag. Sun / Capricorn Moon, optimistic, yet realistic

9.                  Jesus, B, Pisces Sun / Leo Moon, compliant to God’s Will yet emanates a strong sense of Self-love

10.              You pick:  McCain: Virgo Sun, Capricorn Moon --- or Obama: Leo Sun, Gemini Moon

(Palin=Aquarius,  Biden=Scorpio)



Planetary Multiple Choice Answers:


1.                  Spelunking, c, Pluto, “God of the Underworld” digs deep

2.                  Understanding, d, Moon, compassionate and understanding

3.                  Travel, a, Jupiter, the Planet of travel

4.                  Live on, b, Venus, pleasant, relaxed, beautiful surroundings

5.                  Fight, a and d, Mars and Pluto, a heck of a 1-2 punch!

6.                  Troublesome, c, Neptune, a very confusing planet, hard to understand

7.                  Least understood, a, Neptune, a mystical, non-material, fuzzy energy

8.                  McCain, b, Saturn, strong but stiff

9.                  Obama, b, Sun, Fixed fire, sunny confident Leo energy, expressive

10.              Fear, c, Pluto, it is the fire that purifies, sometimes painfully



Mars Come-Ons in a Bar: Answers:

1L, 2D, 3E, 4B, 5C, 6K, 7I, 8J, 9G, 10H, 11F, 12A





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