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Volume 34, October 2008

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Isn’t WALL Street the most Capricornian thing you can think of?


Welcome to October. Granted, it’s been weird. And so many people I’m talking to are wondering “what’s going on?” Well, many, many things actually. 

Approximately 2/3 of the 50 people I’ve talked to or gauged said they experienced “unusual light-headedness or downright dizziness” during August. 

Some went to the E.R. room. I feel the two eclipses triggered that, notice, I’m careful not to say they “caused” it. Especially the eclipse on 8/16 with Neptune  

was as weird as expected. I’m hoping everyone is finding their grounding again by now.


A friend of mine wrote this to me just after that time:


“As for the month of August, and the time frame when we had the "Blue Moon" or whatever it is called, the psychiatric unit where I am a nurse was 

incredibly HORRIBLE!  Now you are shedding some light on what we were all experiencing. We had a full house and everyone was extremely bizarre 

and strange or agitated and aggressive, and we found it necessary to use seclusion for a few which is not the norm...but necessary at times. And you are 

right, things have now, very much, quieted down, thankfully!”





--- Lots of October Happenings ---


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We are dealing with monumental issues now: Saturn opposing Uranus will be exact THE MORNING OF THE ELECTION and Pluto will begin its final, 

no-turning-back-to-Sagittarius ingress into Capricorn on Thanksgiving Eve.  I will write much more about Saturn and Uranus next month.


For now, I want to ask you to keep in mind that the guitar string between these two planets is tightening to the breaking point. And just as expected, instead 

of trying to see each other’s points of view (Saturn symbolizing the conservative “Right” and Uranus the liberal “Left”) and finding ways to work together, 

we continue to play the old blame game. Imagine all of us walking around with one arm just to prove that we are “right?” To meet the huge challenges we 

so obviously face, we all need BOTH arms. The issue is this simple: it’s like parents who always say no to the kids, vs. parents who always say yes. Both 

ways lead to dysfunction. We need an intelligent, wise combination of both - not finger-pointing. The subject is just too yucky for me to go into at more 

length right now - I’ll leave that for November’s issue. By then I’ll have more than enough stored-up kinetic energy to snap that turkey bone 

into two or three pieces.


Now for the big one: Pluto in Capricorn: “The Bailout.” I’m sure many of you are sick of hearing about it, but, you’d better get used to it. After November 26, 

Pluto will stay in Capricorn until 2023. What does all this mean to you? Every time I ask a group of people in an audience, “Do you feel something different 

shakin?,” they all say, “YES!” Maybe it’s kind of a good thing because for once, it is abundantly apparent, even to those who have traditionally not given astrology 

much credence, that astrology can be a source of serious insight and guidance. The article I wrote for Pittsburgh’s “The Point of Light Magazine” and for my web 

site with fellow astrologer, Cheryl Crise, sits atop my website if you care to get the background on this epic Pluto period. It can be accessed at: 



Basically, Capricorn, the bill collector, is here.


This article, as are all of my articles, is not intended to target specific Sagittarians, or Capricorns (heck, I’m one) 

but is intended to extrapolate on the collective energies; whether used correctly or incorrectly. Remember: we all 

have varying amounts of many different signs in our natal charts.


From 1995 to the end of 2007, Pluto accomplished a great deal in Sagittarius! The world expanded in good and bad ways and we all got cell phones and IPods

It’s no coincidence that one of our major internet web portals and search engines is called YAHOO!, is it? Isn’t it fun!? Our religions clashed and we borrowed 

and borrowed and borrowed. Every 5 pieces of mail we received contained 2 credit card offers, 2 mortgage offers, and one maybe legitimate piece of junk-mail. 


HITTING THE FAN. Unregulate-deregulate-unregulate-deregulate.


When Pluto in Capricorn takes the baton from Pluto in Sagittarius, the OLD FORMS (Capricorn) can no longer support, or manage (Capricorn) the growth and 

complexity Sagittarius has generated for us collectively. Pluto in Sag has caused us to realize that we live on one, big, beautiful, interdependent planet. But if Sag 

has bounteous spirit, it doesn’t usually have a plan for making the overall social mechanism work - that’s Capricorn’s bailiwick. (Ben Franklin and Yogananda were 

Capricorns - but so were Richard Nixon, Joseph Stalin and Benedict Arnold!) And boy, can you see the busy suits running around Capitol Hill, especially in the past 

few weeks, trying to come up with a financial plan! You can’t just patch the hole in the dike anymore.


Maybe our extremely naïve Cancer populace (USA=July 4=a) isn’t so naïve and gullible anymore. We’re tired of paying the price of greedy leadership. We are 

starting to pay more attention to things beyond our own noses, and to demand more of ourselves and our leaders. Faced with the possibility of national/global 

financial collapse, we are not as interested now in Sagittarian ideals and theories, attractive as they may be. Instead, we see the necessity of working together 

across ideological divisions, toward practical solutions - The Goat is on the Mountaintop once again (last time was 1779 when the USA dismantled the Old 

World Order!)


So, it’s a very big story, and what do we do? What. Do. We. Do?


I got to thinking about two things, 1) why is the contrast between Sagittarius and Capricorn so dramatic? and, 2) how can we use the strengths of the two to fix things? 

(Disclaimer: As individuals and countries, we’re all a mixture of many astrological archetypes and energies, nothing is purely Sagittarian or purely Capricornian)


Look at these Sagittarian-Capricornian polarities for instance:

I think you get the point. Each sign has its strengths and weaknesses.


So, we got a bigger world during PL in Sag, but do we have the infrastructures to handle it?

We got lots of new houses but now we can’t pay for them.

We got lots of loans only to be defaulted.

We got Sag promises, now Capricorn must pay.


The key is we are not all Sagittarians and Capricorns. They are ENERGIES inside all of us and now is the time we must learn use them to their best potential. 

How can we activate our Capricorn side to answer to all that has evolved while it was in Sagittarius for the past 13 years? (Notice: Windows ’95 came in the 

same year - a new easy way to see and surf a bigger world!)


Just some ideas:

Don’t panic and don’t start blaming.

Don’t look for government or some outside agency to solve our problems.

Take the wonderful internet Sag gave us and regulate it but don’t overly restrict it.

Stop running from our problems and pawning them off on future generations

Stop borrowing and living above our means.

If you don’t have a way to afford something, don’t buy it.

Sag has taught us faith; don’t lose faith now because of some recent excesses.

Stop mortgaging your future for the present.

Graciously accept the new BIG world that Sag has created and stop complaining about it and embrace it - build new wider, more global, 

robust structures that can handle it.

Sag has developed space; let’s not try to control and own it for profit, and see the planet as it IS: singular.

Take the incredible networks of communications (cell phones, satellites) that Sag created and use them effectively.

Realize that many reasonable countries have legitimate issues with us - they’re not all crazy.

Reach our hand out to meet and unite with other countries. Tear down the U.N. and start over. Do it right this time and re-erect it in a third-world-country. 

The U.N. is prototypically the #1 type of thing that Pluto will target for demolition, i.e., structures held up by false promises, weak oaths, and smoke 

and mirrors.


Etc., etc., etc., I think you see the point.


Mostly, recognize the broadening of the mind that occurred during this critical Sagittarius period and don’t crawl back into our 

“that’s-the-way-we’ve-done-it-for-years” mentality. It surely won’t work.





On a much lighter note…

Librans of Interest and Astrological Musings…


The initial stroke which caused most of the damage to Curly was in 1947

when transiting Uranus opposed the two planets in Sagittarius exactly - “the mid-life crisis.”



10/4 Mars enters Scorpio 12:34am - Things get real intense; go after what you want, but take an extra chill-pill with you.


10/10 Venus squares Moon/Neptune - Make sure that diamond ring he gives you is real.


10/14 Full Moon 21° ^ 51’ 4:02pm - This one should be mild, but the mounting pressure of Saturn starting into opposition to Uranus is quite the opposite. 

3 weeks before the election, I can’t imagine us more polarized.


10/15 Mercury goes Direct 4:06 pm - Finally get that package returned in the mail that you mistakenly mailed to Cameroon 3 weeks ago.


10/19 Moon in Cancer becomes handle of Bucket pattern - excessive moodiness abounds. Let it happen. Buy extra tissues. It most likely needs to come out. 

NOT a time to be reasonable. No one anywhere ever loved you - OMG it’s true!


10/22 Sun enters Scorpio 9:09pm - Now we really start to feel the opposition of Saturn and Uranus which will be exact on the morning of the election. 

Remember, Left and Right are the two hands of the same body.


10/28 New Moon 5° e 54’ 7:14pm - Now we really need to reach deep, consider the Great Ramifications, and consider who we really want to run our 

country for the next 4 years.


10/31 Happy Halloween! Geez.







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