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Volume 29, May 2008

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Welcome to May. Yes, it’s Mercury Retrograde time again, isn’t it always? Oh well. I think things are finally settling down a bit since the long convoluted dance that Mars played with Pluto recently. As predicted, it seems that we’re getting on with things. The current “Eckhart Tolle – A New Earth” upswing is gathering momentum about as quickly as the Pluto in Capricorn sobering downswing is occurring. I sure hope the former wins out. Interesting now how the focus is gradually shifting to the upcoming Uranus opposition to Saturn. It will be exact the NIGHT before the November election. Talk about Left vs. Right. Should be interesting to watch. It’s also quite wonderful that so much is happening in a major way in the fine sign of Aquarius – it’s exactly what we need, a boost to the Collective. I hope you enjoy this month’s collection of astro-stories!


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One way of understanding the zodiac is to see that the first six signs are basically “self-oriented.” This does not mean, for instance, that Taurus people don’t care about anyone but themselves. This is clearly not the case. Even so, the basic instinct of the first half of the zodiac is to develop character traits within themselves. Likewise, the final six signs are “other-oriented.” This does not mean that all Pisces are selfless; far from it. It does mean, however, that their archetype is geared towards attaining character attributes by exchanging with others.


Therefore, when we get in trouble, our basic instinct is to do what our Sun-sign says. We need to develop the same qualities that come naturally to our Sun-sign, only in the opposite half of the zodiac; then we will be fulfilled and balanced. In actuality, thank goodness, each of us has all 12 signs within us, not just our Sun-sign. For instance:


Aries is the most self-oriented of all signs. They are usually very sure of themselves. They must take care not to become self-obsessed, to the exclusion of others. Thus, the need to develop themselves through their partners, or their Libra side.


Taurus folks naturally are very sensuous and value what they have. They are the sign of worth, i.e., money, self-worth, values, etc. To avoid being too myopic, they need to develop their Scorpio side. That’s the sign that has to do with finding common shared values by merging with others.


Gemini Twins are natural mental explorers. Their job is to explore the wide range of interesting possibilities from life’s cornucopia of mentations (as David Hawkins calls it.) Only by developing their polar opposite, Sagittarius, does Gemini put all of its encyclopedic findings to good use, i.e., incorporated together into a larger, whole, working philosophy.


Cancer is the mother of the zodiac. No one is better at taking care of the nest. However, the world is much bigger and never ceases to challenge the Crab to environs beyond its own safety and comfort. This is where the development of their partner sign, Capricorn (the Father), is necessary. Capricorns develop their place in the external world.


Leo is all about self-expression. And they’re very good at it. This can grow old however and engender animosity and competitiveness, thus, the need to create along with the group, or others. And that’s where their opposite sign, Aquarius, excels.


Virgo is a clear-cut case. Virgo sees what is different in all things, specializing in fixing what it finds to be wrong. It is by its very nature exclusionary. The opposite sign of Pisces couldn’t be more polarized. The Fish embrace and see everything as the same. They see things as perfect just the way they are.


Libra people excel at partnership. It is their nature. They find their identity by bouncing ideas off of their mates. Too many times they suffer, however, from not being firm enough in their own minds. This is why they need to develop their Aries part, and with it more self-assuredness.


Scorpio natives achieve great boosts to their self-worth by developing close alliances with others. However, sometimes they can be prone to suffering if their partners don’t play ball. This is clear evidence as to the need to develop their Taurus side; they need to be OK as they are within their own self.


Sagittarius being opposite the sign Gemini, are all about philosophy and bigger ideas. They are fun people, generally. Sometimes Sag is wont to wax eloquently without having all the facts to support their stance. Therefore, the need to develop a stronger mind-set, based on real data, which falls in the domain of Gemini.


Capricorn the Goat, is alone at the top of the zodiac. Worldly, fatherly, and successful, usually. However, they can pay a high price by meeting the constant demands of the world and often shun their families or emotional needs. That is where their opposite sign, Cancer, comes in. Things need to be balanced at work as well as back in the nest.


Aquarius is the sign of friendship and group activity. People with a great amount of Aquarian energy sometimes will benefit by not thinking of others; not thinking of the group. They actually benefit by becoming more self-oriented and avoid being lost in the group by focusing on their own creations.


Pisces souls often times, with the greatest of intentions, suffer from being too indiscriminate. This is perfect example of zodiacal balance as we can clearly see the way they benefit by strengthening their Virgo counterpart. Obviously, this is why it is so common to see these two signs marry. Their two signs are very complimentary.


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Taureans of Interest and Astrological Musings…




Oops… I know he’s not a Taurus, but an Aries, but I chopped this out of last month’s issue by mistake…





A harmonic chart is a very specific type of chart that is done by relatively few astrologers. I use them heavily and find them to be very revealing and helpful. Simply put, they are largely based on NUMEROLOGY and are like zooming in on a specific area of a chart or person’s life. For instance, the 7th harmonic chart relates to the 7th sign Libra or the 7th house of relationships. Simply MULTIPLY all natal placements by 7 (or let the computer do it for you) and place the new planetary placements back on the chart. For instance, if your natal Jupiter is at 3 degrees of Aries, your Jupiter in the 7th harmonic would be at 21 degrees of Aries. When the product is larger than 360, simply keep subtracting 360 until you get a number less than 360. Same for the midheaven. After the midheaven is discerned, the other houses are simply looked up accordingly in your Table of Houses.


Now that you have that 7th harmonic chart done, THAT chart will speak volumes about the person’s ability to have a relationship or what occurs within that relationship. They are amazingly accurate, yet very difficult to interpret. Yes, they react to transits and can be derived from composite charts also. I mainly use the 7th, 10th, and 12th harmonic charts. At times I use all 12 - here is what I use them for:


Ž    1st is the same at the natal chart, there is no 1st harmonic

Ž    2nd I don’t really trust for money issues, but is sometimes revealing of  “self-worth” matters

Ž    3rd often shows writing ability or the status of a publication

Ž    4th I use especially with troubled teens, or those with inexplicable emotional challenges

Ž    5th clearly shows creative or expressive skills; especially theatrical

Ž    6th is sometimes shows work skills; transits in this chart frequently trigger health problems

Ž    7th is exemplary of the status of your relationships; changes to a marriage

Ž    8th sexual preferences, tendencies

Ž    9th educational, legal, and travel matters

Ž    10th is very revealing of your career direction or your life’s calling

Ž    11th sometimes shows changes with your friendships

Ž    12th is probably the most revealing to me. Britain’s John Addey, founder of the Science of Harmonics, says the 12th is probably the most important harmonic and I agree with him. I have found it to be extremely enlightening and revealing, albeit the hardest of all to read. Being like the sign of Pisces, it seemed to me at first to represent much of one’s karma. Now, after having studied these very closely for about 3 years, it seems moreover to represent one’s Soul Contract – why you took this life. Transits to this chart are often monumental.







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