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Volume 28, April 2008

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Welcome to April, I hate to tell you that I told you so, so I won’t. This Pluto in Capricorn era certainly has launched as expected. On the rise is the collective consciousness; on the decline is the old way of doing things. I sure hope the “good guys” win out. We’re getting 2 Springs this year, the one we had on March 20 as usual and on April 4 with the return of Mars back to 12° of Cancer where it started its retrograde on 11/15/07. So, hopefully, things are finally underway, and Spring is a blooming! May you have a wonderful new zodiacal year that starts out each year, of courses, in the sign of Aries.






Imagine you have a cocktail party and invite the planets.  Where would you find Saturn?  Standing alone in a dark corner, wearing a suit and sipping a diet ginger ale, right?  Stodgy, old, quiet Saturn! But he’s really quite an interesting and impressive planet once you take the time to know him . . . he’s captured 58 moons at last count, and those beautiful rings!  What energies and hidden qualities could those rings symbolically be restraining? Well, Saturn is composed mostly of hydrogen and helium, elements which are very active and volatile unless they are kept cold and compressed.


Saturn is no gossamer, ephemeral butterfly of a planet, but he endures the test of time. He IS the test of time! Some planet had to be the archetype for the discipline and toil that are inevitably part of life, and taciturn Saturn, over there in the shadows, watching from beside the potted plant, volunteered for the job.


He might not seem so approachable. Western astrological tradition had always cast Saturn as the greater malefic, the bad guy, harbinger of hardship and suffering. A Saturn transit, we were always told, was to be feared and endured. We now comprehend Saturn in his multiple (and many beneficent) facets and better understand that his patience, tenacity, and strength can be, and in fact must be, emulated and incorporated if we are to grow and evolve. Those of us who stick with it and put forth the effort to achieve our goals learn that no gratification is sweeter than Saturn’s gratification, albeit hard-won and delayed.


Since January of 2008 and for the next 16 years, Pluto will be transiting Capricorn, the zodiacal sign which is ruled by our conservative friend, Saturn. You couldn’t pick a tougher (for better and worse) combination than Pluto and Saturn.  Historically, Pluto in Capricorn signifies serious times, and we do anticipate that this current transit will be very serious as well. (For much more on this subject, see the earlier newsletter at: www.starself.com/newsletter25.html) However, in these nascent days of the Age of Aquarius, as our species is evolving toward more a less dualistic, more inclusive consciousness, it might benefit us to contemplate some ways in which Pluto in Capricorn could manifest and transcend generic, less imaginative expectations.


Consider mythological/historical aspects of Saturn which on the surface, may seem “against type,” which illuminate Saturn’s wise, warm, and even wild aspects:


*       Saturday, named after the Roman god Saturn, is a respite, a day for relaxation and play.  A reward for a long, hard work-week?


*       In Greek mythology, the “Golden Age,” was ruled by the Greek god Kronos (re-named Saturn by the Romans).  A translation of Hesiod’s “Works and Days” described the Golden Age as a time when a “golden race of mortal men . . . lived like gods without sorrow of heart, remote and free from toil and grief . . . they dwelt in ease and peace upon their lands with many good things, rich in flocks and loved by the blessed gods”. Is Pluto in Capricorn  an era during which, as Joni Mitchell sings, “We are stardust, we are golden, and we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden”?


*       Saturnalia, a 7-day Roman festival occurred every December after the fall planting, in honor of Saturn as the god of sowing. The ropes binding the feet of statues of Saturn were untied during this celebration, which was characterized by “unrestrained revelry and often licentiousness,” according to the American Heritage Dictionary. Can Saturn be totally uptight when he is associated with the stamina and the earthy, lusty nature of Capricorn the Mountain Goat?


*       During Saturnalia, masters and slaves exchanged roles. Slaves were permitted leisure and recreation, and were not punished for speaking unsubserviently to their masters. It was traditional for masters to have a banquet during which they served their slaves and/or sat and ate as equals with them. Does this sound like a “pre-enactment” for the kind of cooperative, collaborative human relations we envision evolving on our planet during Pluto in Capricorn, on the cusp of the Age of Aquarius?


So maybe you should go over and try to make friends. Offer Saturn a dry martini. Get him out on the dance floor. He’s not much for inane chit-chat, but if you lean in closely to hear him over the music, you might learn how to accomplish your goals, and then, have some fun. 












“When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me, speaking words of wisdom… ‘let it be.’”


When I think of the potential of the final sign Pisces and their inherent wisdom to “let things be,” it often makes me wonder about the other 11 signs. Pisces, sometimes misguided, naturally just knows when to let matters slide. They have a built-in peace that is often enviable. Granted, they are often times in need of their opposite sign, Virgo, and their discriminating nature. Yet, we have much to learn from this final sign; this ephemeral, universal energy that resides within all of us as the Holy Spirit or the Quiet Voice Within


Here are some Sun-sign insights that can be useful when it comes to developing that finer, quiet voice of guidance we all have, yet many of us seek. It’s the same thing Eckhart Tolle talks about in all of his books:


Aries It’s hard to “go with the flow” if you think YOU are the source of the flow. You aren’t – that’s what has to be guarded against.


Taurus No sign has a tougher time with change than the Bull. Their natural inclination to “stay put and dig in,” often flies in the face of the flow. They must learn to let go and reach beyond their comfort-zone.


Gemini The Twins usually have little problem flowing downstream. Where they catch a snag is stopping quite regularly to label the rocks and surroundings. Inherent in the flow is the need to stay non-judgmental. Hard for Gemini.


Cancer It all depends – they can be very fluid. Their naturally cautious nature can represent quite an obstacle. It may not be safe around the bend, but bracing yourself usually makes things worse.


Leo is a very funny sign… They can master just about everything and are usually up for it. Their secret to learn is this: The world is incomprehensibly infinite - not finite. If they surpass that and avoid competition, the sky is the limit.


Virgo Boy is this a rough one. Their nature is in stopping the flow, finding out what’s wrong, and fixing it! A hard sign to be, for sure, Virgo’s have to realize that if you look closely at anything, you’ll find something that’s imperfect. Things are perfect the way they are – at least on one level – that’s a real hard one for the Virgin.


Libra Is a naturally graceful sign. Many Librans do just fine with the overall fluidity of life – thank you. Their only question is whether they look beyond this world to Higher Guidance or not.


Scorpio What can you say about this turbulent, unpredictable sign? The stinger-people have as much potential as any sign, and probably more. If their passions can go beyond dependency on their significant others, they can really go far.


Sagittarius Go with the flow, this sign? No problemo. Sag is probably the most Pisces-like in that sense. Now, do they have appreciation for life’s graces and subtlety? That’s another question.


Capricorn Here’s another sign that typically has an almost impossible time going with the flow. Saturn-ruled Cappies need to control; to make sure things coalesce. This can literally kill flow. What is needed here is to trust in life.


Aquarius This sign always has such huge potential to do or achieve just about anything. I guess it depends on what way-out intellectual limb they hang their hat? They’re made to just about transcend thought, into the Land of the Fishes. Hopefully. Look at Eckhart Tolle - he’s one.



The Roundtable Revisited


About 25 years ago, I was getting bored with my weekly radio show in Wheeling, so I asked for volunteers for an on-the-air Astrology Roundtable. I wanted to go on the air with one representative of each of the 12 signs. So, in those days, they sent in postcards with their birth information. I carefully charted each of the applicants and picked the most Aries of the Aries, the most Libran of the Libras, etc. We had a great 3-hour show talking amongst ourselves about our feelings of each sign of the zodiac. It was truly illuminating. During the show, each “sign” said what they were fond of and not so fond of in each Sun-sign’s nature. Today I revisit it, and talk of 25 years later, and why I appreciate each sign. I encourage you to do this with your friends.


I wonder what I thought a quarter of a century ago…




--- April Happenings ---


·        Beginners’ Astrology Retreat near Seven Springs Ski Resort! April 4-6, $275 includes all weekend workshop fees and housing accommodations. No experience necessary. Champion, PA  For more information, see:  www.starself.com/#retreat

·        Allante Hair Design and Spa: “Your Sun-Sign and Your Relationships Astrology Workshop

www.allantehair.com Wednesday, April, 7:00-9:00pm, includes a free mini-reading, 160 Stark Ave., Greensburg, PA (724)836-3600, $15

·        Penn Hills Library – Astrology Workshop, “Your Sun Sign and Your Relationships”, Penn Hills Library

www.pennhillslibrary.org  Thursday, April 17, 6:30pm-9:00pm, 1037 Stotler Rd, Pittsburgh, PA (412) 795-3507, includes a free mini-reading, free to public

·        Journeys of Life “Informational – Basic Intro to the Sun Signs – Thursday,  April 24, 7:00pm-9:00pm, Journeys of Life Bookstore, www.journeysoflifeonline.com  812 Bellefonte St., Shadyside, Pittsburgh, PA (412) 681-8755, $15








Aries of Interest and Astrological Musings…





Decanates, Dwadishamshas, and Doing Your Deeds



The 30 degrees that make up every sign are divided into the tens. The first 10 degrees of each sign is called the first decanate. For example, in the sign of Leo, 0° through 10° of Leo is the Leo decanate. From 11° to 20° of Leo, is the Sagittarian decanate. That’s because Sagittarius is the next sign of that same element. This, of course, is completed by the sign Aries, which rules the third decanate, or from 21°-30° of Leo. Therefore, planets found within the first 10° of any sign are said to be strongly placed.


You knew it wouldn’t stop there, right? Right. Then, there are these weird things called dwadishamshas. It’s a Hindu word that refers to the same 30 degrees, this time divided up into 12 chunks of 2.5°! For whatever reason, dividing this critical 30 degrees by 12, or the number of Sun-signs, gives us these “dwads.” Astrologers like to divide things by other things.


Anyhow, the first Dwad of any sign is ruled by the same sign, and proceeds in order. For example, the first 2.5° of Leo are ruled by Leo; the next 2.5° are ruled by Virgo, etc. So, therefore, a planet is said to be its most powerful when it resides within the first 2 and a half degrees of a sign.


Why did I put you through all of that?


Well, I actually had a reason. And that is because PLUTO is in the first degree of Capricorn while SATURN is in the first few degrees of Virgo. And when the have the two big mammas, PLUTO and SATURN in their strongest positions AND one in Capricorn and one in Virgo – that means they’re both in earth signs! So what you ask? Well, I maintain, that’s why we all have our noses stuck to the grindstone and there’s no letting up for a bit. When the tilt of the planetary pressures go toward earth signs, it presses the issues pertaining working, and working hard. It pressures us to produce, and on the physical plane. Tis that simple.





Next month we ask Kid Astro: Can transiting Saturn and Neptune really make you tired?






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