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Volume 18, May 2007

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Welcome to May. It sure is enjoyable to finally be able to get into some Spring weather and be without jackets for a while.

They say that in the winter, you discover your pockets, while in the spring, you discover your feet.


That said, it’s so sad to be starting out a new year with such an awful, startling crisis as the one that unfolded at Virginia Tech. I intended to do a full exposé on the mad gunman, Seung Hui Cho, but I just couldn’t do it. Frankly, I’m already tired of seeing his hateful visage as he has received enough press. However, there are a few things I’d like to address about his chart. I knew when I was watching his “video”, that he had Cancer energy (his Moon placement), and I was right. That is NOT TO SAY that all Cancers go out and commit mass-murder (in fact, he was a Capricorn sun sign) or even that they are violent. They are not. They are usually a very kind, loving, and sensitive sign. And, this can backfire… They are the most sensitive of signs and therefore are prone to being hurt deeper than others can grasp.


His diatribe, and more importantly, his tone, was one of not being loved, given recognition, or given what he “needed.” No one cared (from his perspective, which is all that matters here.) The basis of his morbid, sullen, withdrawn, and festering wounds was that he was convinced that no one gave him what he needed - and he did need much. This is a common refrain for those with “neglected” Cancer planets (and only his Moon was in Cancer.) Certainly most souls damaged to this degree don’t go to such lengths. However, Cho had a Mars/Saturn/Pluto stellium in Scorpio square to his Capricorn Sun. Someone was going to pay the price.


It is a very tricky matter raising a child with Cancer energy. Depending on their entire chart, they need more emotional support and reassurance than any other sign. It is a common experience that if the Cancer isn’t strongly supported that they can crawl sideways, like the Crab they represent, under the rock and not be able to come back out. Yes, this was a very extreme case and one with a horrific, tragic ending.


In my business, it is a wonderful sight to meet certain Cancer personalities who didn’t get what they needed but have found the strength from within to rise above it and nevertheless become well-rounded adults.










This month we celebrate Taurus



Taureans of Interest and Astrological Musings…





There are other ways to be grounded, rooted, powerful and appeal

to the “common man,” in the other extreme of Taurus, we find:








During the Middle Ages astrologers were called “mathematici.” The term was used to denote a person proficient in astrology, astronomy, and mathematics. Inasmuch as some practice of medicine was based to some extent on astrology, physicians learned some mathematics and astrology.


Those were indeed strange times, according to modern ideas, when astrologers were dominant by the terror they inspired, and sometimes by the martyrdom they endured when their predictions were either too true or too false.




Next month we ask Kid Astro: “Why are signs considered ‘masculine’ or ‘feminine’?”




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