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Volume 15, February 2007

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Welcome to February. I recently came across some fine articles by Michael Meyers (author of the landmark “Handbook for the Humanistic Astrologer”) on his website: www.khaldea.com. He refers often to the man many consider as the father of Humanistic Astrology, Dane Rudhyar. Humanistic Astrology, the type I practice, tries to take the “predictive” element out of it and direct the translation more towards the realm of the personality that is ever-unfolding. While reading several of the articles there, I was reminded that there are no bad planets – no bad sides to the planets or signs. There’s only the question of whether we are using the energies of the planets properly or not. I strongly recommend you taking a glance at his valuable articles.













h Aquarians of Interest and Astrological Musings… h








Groundhog Day – Since this happens every February 2nd which is in Aquarius, why is the groundhog the only one who is indifferent about his shadow? In the fifth century, the Celts believed that animals had certain supernatural powers on special days that were halfway between the Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. Folklore from Germany and France indicated that when marmots and bears came out of their winter dens too early, they were frightened by their shadow and retreated back inside for four to six weeks. This was adopted by the Romans as Hedgehog Day. When Christianity came into being, the formerly pagan observance also came to be called Candlemas. The earliest known American reference to Groundhog Day can be found at the Historical Society of Berks County in Reading, Pa. The reference was made Feb. 4, 1841 in Morgantown, PA.


Full Moon – Aligned with transiting Saturn and Neptune, this one will shed some light on our state of progress as to how we’re stacking up in our relationships. Don’t let this one get you too gloomy. Being more realistic is healthy; new hope is around the corner.


Mercury Enters Pisces   I can hear the escape valve, all that steam escaping from the intense mental energies expended while Mercury (our minds) was in Aquarius. Time for meditation; relax. Escape to a movie.


This is time to really buckle down to exactly what your responsibilities are in your relationships. Scorpio Moons won’t stand for any betrayal and require dedication. Saturn, the stern taskmaster, requires our noses be to the grindstone. Putting these together doesn’t sound the most romantic, does it? It’s time to fix the leaks in our relationships.


Our contrary friend Mercury is at it again… As usual, till March 7th, delay any  major decisions, signing of contracts, high-tech changes, major electronic purchases, etc. Chaos abounds with any and all forms of communications. Express yourself clearly to all when making any arrangements. Talk very nicely to your computer.


This New Moon will make us want to break free of all the recent tedium and caution, especially in interpersonal relationships. Aquarian energies will reinforce our sense of personal rights. Try not to be too unpredictable here or aloof. Even though we need freedom, we need to be sensitive to the needs of others.


Sun Enters Pisces   Each year when we slip into Pisces (all Piscean matters happen smoothly and are hard to detect) a moodiness abounds. I find that this last month before Spring is a time to reflect, pull back, and contemplate what the last Solar year has been about for you. Take a voluntary back seat now, get needed rest, and prepare for New Life in Aries coming soon with the new zodiac.


Venus and the Moon Square PlutoNuf said. Reign in your jealousies because they might just explode now. Time for passion. Time to release stored up atomic feelings.


Venus Enters Aries – Goodness!, what’s all this hullabaloo about? Let’s get on with things! If you like it, go buy it. If you like someone, go ahead and club them over the head and drag them back to your cave.


Mars Enters Aquarius – Now is the time to act out of the box! Launch your new, novel ideas. The energies are ripe for you to express your unique talents. Be yourself and be careful not to be too careful.


Mercury Backs Up into Aquarius – As if this Mercury Retrograde (Rx) period wasn’t weird enough? Now, it backs up into Aquarius and shows us quite a slight of hand. There is absolutely no way one can predict what this one will be like. I would bet money that computer-repair stores are going to be very busy. Not only will people show up for your party on the wrong night, they’ll be the wrong people. So, it should all work out fine.


Saturn Opposes Neptune – Here we go again! I know I sound like a broken-record, but the ever-nagging Saturn opposition to Neptune rears its head again. This head-to-head interchange between the realist (Saturn) and the Divine (Neptune) faces off again. The third and final climax to this aspect will be on June 25th of this year. You can’t “shake” either one. Saturn wants down-to-earth real answers and wants your life to “work.” Neptune could care less about your life on the earth plane. It wants you to have a robust spiritual life. Both can be attained. These transits are times when the anvil tempers.

-Don’t let the “Aqua” in Aquarius fool you, Aquarius is an AIR sign

-No laughing matter: The Zodiac Killer was a serial killer in California in the late 60s and 70s. He left behind five victims and a symbol similar to a zodiac. He has never been caught.

- Everything you read on the Internet is true. According to Dr. Gustav-Adolf Schoener's "Astrology: Between Religion and the Empirical": The Roman emperor Domitian was initially opposed to Astrology because an early and violent death had been predicted for him while he was still young. He asked an Astrologer how he, the Astrologer, would die. He said he’d would be torn to pieces by dogs. To disprove the Astrologer, he quickly had him beheaded and immediately burned. But then the stake at which he was being burned collapsed and the body of the Astrologer fell to the ground, upon which dogs got to him. From that time on, Domitian was a follower of astrology.





Next month we ask Kid Astro: “Why should you believe in Astrology?”





  S.P.A.C.E. News

The Southwestern Pennsylvania Astrology Consortium for Enlightenment (SPACE-North) will next meet on Sunday, February 25th in Pittsburgh. The meetings are held on the last Sunday of each month at 10:00am. These meetings take place South of South Hills Village in a private home just off of Rt. 19. All interested in Astrology are welcome.  Call (724)622-8079 for details. NOW, SPACE-South is starting to form in the Uniontown, PA area, call (724)437-3326 for details.





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                            Void              Void 

                            Date  Starts      Ends 

----  ------   -------

2/03  5:55am -  9:34am             BE ESPECIALLY ALERT

2/05  5:37pm -  9:15pm             TO DAYS IN RED,

2/08  6:38am - 10:09am             THE MOON IS VOID

2/10  5:39am - 10:01pm             MOST OF THE WORKDAY

2/13  3:45am -  6:42am

2/14 10:24pm - 11:34pm (next day)

2/17 11:14am -  1:30pm

2/19 11:43am -  2:06pm

2/21 12:42pm -  3:03pm

2/23  2:47pm -  5:42pm

2/25  8:21pm - 10:48pm

2/27  1:03am -  6:29am (next day)



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