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December 2006

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Welcome to December. We saw vividly how the charismatic Sun/Venus/Mars combination that was idling through Libra did in fact turn on a dime on 10/23 and transform passionately into 5 planets in Scorpio…. Things did get intense for many people. Now, we spin again, and we find SIX planets in Sagittarius. O, what joy! This promises to bring great relief and fun. It’s not that we learned to duck our collective heads during Scorpio, it’s that the good work that we accomplished will now be rewarded in the sign of the Archer. Time to enjoy life, right?




We celebrate Sagittarius this month. What makes them tick?











A Look Back - The Top 5 Astrological Events of 2006


5. Saturn’s persistence through Leo has kept many of us having to define our personal boundaries – taint over yet – till September of 2007.


4. Don’t underestimate Neptune’s transit  over the USA’s Sun. It has (we have) created uncertainty about ourselves in the world’s eyes. And just like Neptune, the more we try to squeeze and control, the more our “power” quietly dissipates.


3. This marvelous combination of Jupiter and Neptune has brought us movies like “The Secret” and “What the Bleep” and symbolizes that more and more of us are ready for true spiritual awakening and experience.


2. The continuing Saturn opposition to Neptune (till June 2007) impels us to sober up. Painful sometimes, yes, but necessary.


1. Don’t just write off the demotion of Pluto to “Dwarf Planet” status. There is already serious talk about reinstating it – maybe even in 2007. Don’t ever underestimate shifts in how we perceive celestial bodies because Astrology is a symbolic language. This story is far from over - don’t ever take Pluto lightly.







10. Jupiter and Pluto Conjunct - Jupiter adds a real Sagittarian punch to Pluto as Pluto prepares to leave its 11-year stay in Sagittarius. This should prove to be monumental. A real statement. As the great astrologer Stephen Arroyo says, “When a major planet is just about to leave a sign or house, it tends to stop and make a major summarizing statement – a finale.” Since Pluto has stirred up so much religious and philosophical tension during its reign, look for a major turning point here. Hopefully, it will not follow its basic Astrology 101 interpretation: “encouragement to use nuclear power,” rather, cooler heads prevailing for the good of all mankind.


9. Jupiter and Uranus Square - All year Jupiter will travel at a right-angle to Uranus (square). On the plus side, these two encourage each other to “let loose” and will fill us with a sense of carefree optimism. However, this combination can get carried away to excess. Fast growth, yes, irresponsible growth, no. More religious fanaticism - likely.


8. Saturn Travels Separately - Much of the year Saturn will be traveling in a “bucket handle” pattern. Much like the handle of an umbrella, the senior planet is alone across the zodiac from the other 9 which are fanned out. Therefore, its effect will be greatly emphasized. Maintaining its persistent stay in Leo, we will continue to find that everything in our lives will pivot around our critical need to define and safeguard our own personal boundaries.


7. March 18th Eclipse with Pluto - One of Pluto’s final statements in Sag will be made as the Solar Eclipse sheds light on what Pluto has been doing in the “underworld”, i.e., our unconscious as well as the Greater Unconscious. We will face questions like, “What does our life really add up to?”, at this time. Eclipses mark milestones. We might not like what we see, but it will be honest and clear, and we can learn much from it. Hopefully we’ll grow stronger because of it.


6. August 28th Eclipse with Saturn - This eclipse with Saturn next to the Sun in Virgo will inspire us to take action to “clean up our acts.” And in a big way. Down-to-earth, real, physical solutions.


5. March 3rd Eclipse with Uranus - Like the 9/7/06 eclipse, this one is with Uranus and will make us feel like breaking free from restriction. However, we must be careful not to blame others for our limitations and inspect our own self-inhibiting behavior first.


4. Saturn Enters Virgo in September - Wow, Saturn goes into Virgo. You think you’re overworked now? A planetary-wide yard sale. After all the rough stuff ego-banging of Saturn in Leo since 7/16/05, we now get to work. No more whining. The waiting rooms for Doctors of Internal Medicine will be full, believe me.


3. Saturn Opposes Neptune - Finally, after two years, Saturn will bring its opposition to Neptune to a climax. Hopefully we have faced our illusions and pipe-dreams and are well on our way to not only a more sober life, but one that is quite lighter!


2. 9/11 Eclipse with Uranus – Does that sound ominous? I hope not. The Solar Eclipse in Virgo triggers Uranus in Pisces on “9/11?” I don’t know what to say other than the fact that 9/11 is very sore spot on this country’s calendar. An eclipse on that point in quite scary without Uranus adding to it. We need to be extremely vigilant during this time. Uranus specializes in “surprises.” Special monitoring of our vast computer networks will be warranted at this time.


1. Pluto Exits Sagittarius - Pluto is on the verge of leaving Sagittarius and even though it doesn’t enter (ingress) into Capricorn until 1/25/08, it clearly becomes our biggest story since 1995 when it entered. Volumes can be written about its effect in Sagittarius and even more will be cited during its stay in the critical sign of Capricorn which represents our institutions among many other social structures. This promises to be tumultuous as it will attempt to break our dependence on institutions and force us to rely on ourselves more. Cancer countries (USA=July 4) don’t want to hear that. Cancers want to be taken care of. There will be much more written on this subject during the coming year. I intend to dedicate an entire issue to the lengthy list of monumental changes that Pluto influenced during its 11-year stay in Sagittarius. Then there will be another issue looking ahead to what its effect on us and our world may be like during its coming 16 year residence in Capricorn.


Speaking of politics…





12/4 Full Moon 7:25pm 12° Gemini 43’ – The Sagittarian Sun will oppose the Geminian Moon and form a T-square to Uranus in Pisces. This will be a gab-fest. Expect things to be very busy and chaotic. A great time to call those 200 friends you haven’t talked to in a while. Wait till after 9:00pm for your cell phone bill’s sake.



7th thru 21st, 5 and 6 planets in Sagittarius! This conglomeration of planets symbolizes that our ideals are being released. No time to hold back. Let the arrow go! After all, all of the work and worry and stress are all for what? For life and enjoyment, right? Now is the time.


16th thru 28th, Saturn is bucket handle! – Saturn will now have an even lonelier task of traveling opposite all 9 other planets for 12 days. Translation: Well, we were having fun, weren’t we? Once again it all goes back to that nagging persistence of Saturn in Leo. Fun only if we have respected our own personal boundaries. Period. Being surrounded by a huge ice ring isn’t bad enough, is it?












12/22 Ursids Meteor Showers –




(“meteor” = Greek for “raised up”)







12/30 Tiger Woods Turns 31





Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19) – Don’t wrap their gifts, it takes them too long to open. Protective head gear is not a bad idea. Journals, diaries, things about “Me.” Mirrors. New sports car. Anything that goes fast. Hiking and camping clothes or gear. Blue jeans. Tickets to air shows. Sky-diving lessons. An application for “American Idol.”



Taurus (Apr 20-May 20) – Food, drink, grub, vittles, and ale. Big, soft easy chairs. Body-vibrators. Anything durable. Things that smell good. Things that they can rub on their body. Money. Give them the deed to your property. Things you can rub on their body. A hammock. Mint Juleps. Big steaks. Beef jerky. Bars of gold.



Gemini (May 21-Jun 21) – Any kind of gift certificate, let them explore. A variety pack of a variety of things. Transformers. Anything that talks. Lollipops. Lava lamps. A chemistry set. A microscope. Things that make you go “Wow!” Cotton candy. Hard Rock Café Tee-shirt from Down Under. Make sure you get two of each item.



Cancer (Jun 22-Jul 22) – Anything delicate with lace or pink-colored. Tiny things that need mothered. Pets. Picture albums. Cookbooks. Family tree or scrapbooking materials. Frames. Blankets and pillows. Pictures of their mother. Pictures of their grandmother. Family heirlooms. A gerbil named Leroy. Popcorn. A case of Kleenex.



Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22) – Karaoke recording station. Talking mirror. Fireplaces. Dylan albums. Dogs and lots of them. Sleeveless winter coats. Dippity-Do. Dolly Parton wigs. Eye mascara. Spotlights. Madonna CDs. Personal paparazzi. Any stained glass. Lots of credit cards. One-way ticket to Hollywood. Ballroom mirror rotating ball.



Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22) – Any and all tools. Nothing sentimental. WD-40. Boots. Tweezers and scissors. Cleaning supplies. Self-flagellation devices. Day-timers, schedulers, and calendars. No jewelry. No picture albums or anything that cries. Head & Shoulders shampoo. Lint brushes. Saddles. Sandpaper. A box of red pens.



Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22) – No tools of any kind or kitchen devices. Expensive clothes, expensive jewelry, and expensive art. Design books. Classical music. Tickets to plays and symphonies. Everything had better be exquisitely wrapped. Books. Biographies of the Rich and Famous. Expensive perfume. Lee Iaccoa autographs.



Scorpio (Oct 23 - Nov 21) – Romance or spy novels. The key to your heart. Keys to your safety deposit box. Tea. Sweaters. Heavy blankets. Two tickets for a midnight cruise. Whirlpool tubs. Binoculars, telescopes. X-ray glasses or night-vision goggles. Groucho Marx glasses. Nair. Identity disguises and phony passport pictures.



Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21) – Tickets to Disneyworld. Tickets to Disneyland. A hunting cabin. Guns. Sports anything. A bow and arrow. Comedy DVDs. Cameras. Gag gifts. Magic kits. Mr. Microphone. Tickle-Me Elmo. Mr. Potato Head. Twister. Any size horse or pony. Put all small gifts inside very large boxes. Jussa box.



Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19) – Anything hard. Tools. Statues. Toys with non-moving parts. Golf-like accessories for the desktop. Banker’s lamps. Anything official, especially with a government seal. Autographed pictures of Ronald Reagan. John Denver or Elvis CDs. Wrap neatly so the paper can be carefully peeled off and be reused.



Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18) – Snow globes. Rubik’s Cubes, Large clothes that don’t fit. Out-of-print books. Astrology books. Alternate states of consciousness CDs. Biofeedback machinery. Aroma therapy supplies. Body-piercing or tattoo supplies. Anything radioactive. Very large or very small pets. James Dean movies. Kaleidoscopes.



Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20) – One-way tickets to Maui. Passes to swim with the dolphins. Fish tanks. Books on Zen. Cigarettes and booze. Rent money. A nice sailboat. An old canoe. Fins. Yoga or diving lessons. Gift certificates to Gabriel Brother’s or St. Vincent de Paul’s. Candles and incense. Bail money. A ride to the bus station.









-The earliest known astrological records date back to Babylon, 1645 BC, and the earliest horoscope to 410 BC.

-Natal, or birth charts, are also called “radix” charts, thus the symbol we have all come to know, “Rx.” The reason it became associated with medicine is that doctors of the time looked over a person’s chart before a patient’s examination and followed-up by initializing their paperwork with the symbol Rx meaning, “I have seen their astrology chart.”

-Galileo, Copernicus, Newton, and Jung were all practicing astrologers.

-It wasn't until the birth of Princess Margaret in 1930 (and the discovery of Pluto) that Astrology once again found widespread popularity. That year, the London Sunday Express ran an astrological profile of the princess to celebrate her birth - and so began the modern newspaper horoscope column… That sure fixed everything.






Next month we ask Kid Astro: Why is the Moon so important in a chart?







S.P.A.C.E. News

The Southwestern Pennsylvania Astrology Consortium for Enlightenment (S.P.A.C.E.) will have a special holiday meeting on Sunday, December 10th. Usually the meetings are held on the last Sunday of each month at 10:00am. These meetings take place South of South Hills Village in a private home just off of Rt. 19. All interested in Astrology are welcome.  Call (724)622-8079 for details.




                               Void               Void 

                               Date   Starts      Ends 

----   ------   -------

12/01  1:41pm -  8:26pm           BE ESPECIALLY ALERT

12/03  7:31pm - 10:05pm           TO DAYS IN RED,

12/05  6:12pm  1:00am (next day)  THE MOON IS VOID

12/06  8:13pm  6:52am (12/8)      MOST OF THE WORK-DAY

12/10  3:35pm -  4:31pm

12/12  9:32pm  5:00am (next day)

12/15 10:33am -  5:42pm

12/17  6:31pm  4:10am (next day)

12/20  9:01am - 11:39pm

12/21 11:05am   4:49pm (next day)

12/24  3:09pm -  8:43pm

12/26 10:05pm - 12:04pm (next day)

12/28  9:54pm  3:08am (next day)

12/30  9:37pm -  6:16am (next day)


Void-of-Course Moons are periods every few days anywhere from a few minutes to several hours where you are discouraged from launching projects. It’s kind of like sailing a boat and there just isn’t any wind. For more information on this subject, visit my earlier newsletter: www.starself.com/newsletter2.html

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