Starself Newsletter
Volume 1, November 12, 2005

Hi All!

Welcome to my first edition of the Starself  Newsletter. I'd like to occasionally keep you up-to-date on Astrological events.

This is an exciting time for me as I have just opened up my first full-time office at 608 E. McMurray Road in McMurray, PA.  Also, I have a new article coming out in the December edition of The Point of Light on the City of Pittsburgh's chart.

In addition, we have just started a new Astrology group in Southwestern Pennsylvania. We have coined the acronym, S.P.A.C.E. - Southwestern Pennsylvania Astrology Coalition for Enlightenment. Astrologer Cheryl Crise is heading up the Uniontown branch (SPACE-U) and I am organizing the Pittsburgh branch's (SPACE-P) inaugural meeting tomorrow in the South Hills. All interested in any and all areas of Astrology are welcome. Call (724) 622-8079 for more details.

Now, for what's up with the planets before the year is out:

11/14 Mercury Rx - You think Monday's are tough? Our wonderful Messenger Friend, Mercury, will retrograde again starting this Monday at 12:43am until December 21. Do what you can to delay dealing with technical issues until then. Make sure you read the bottom line of any contracts that you must sign during that period. Be very clear with your communications, repeating dates and times so that your arrangements don't get fouled up. Be very patient during this time as the last Mercury Retrograde periods over the past few years have been extremely disruptive and chaotic.

Mercury retrogrades for approximately 3 weeks every 90 days or so. One very good thing about this time that I have found is that sometimes problems you have been having outstanding for a long time somehow get "miraculously" solved at this time.

11/15 Uranus Direct - The revolutionary Uranus has been going backwards since June 15th. (Of course the planet doesn't actually go backward, it just appears to against the background of the stars, much like a car appears to go in reverse as you pass it.) As Uranus turns to go forward on Tuesday evening at 7:09 pm, long-held plans will suddenly go forward. You may find yourself a bit irritable, but basically, this is a great time for release and liberation. Expect the unexpected. Be very careful around machinery, using knives, and while driving, all through the 16th.

This is a major symbol of independence from whatever you feel has been restricting you. You will suddenly feel ready to transcend its grip.

11/15 Full Moon 24 Taurus - A turning point will happen with your money/spending/earning. You will need to decide "if it is worth it". A great time for a big dinner and to treat yourself, relax.

11/22 Saturn goes Rx - If Saturn has been weighing on you, you may indeed find a reprieve for a while. You've become used to added responsibility ever since 7/16, now the load won't feel so heavy. Make sure to get extra rest at this time as "burning the candle at both ends" may have caught up with you. This is a time lasting until early April '06 to rethink and be patient with major plans.

12/1 New Moon 9 Sagittarius - This lunation will be combining with Transiting Uranus making it a wild one. Travel plans may go haywire as well as computers and long-distance communications. Be very careful traveling - stay home if you can. Political arguments may swell. You may suddenly be thinking of registering for some new college courses during the January term. This is basically a time to set your ideals higher than you have been. If you are having difficulty during this time, it may well indeed be due to having your expectations set too low.

12/10 Mars Direct in Taurus - Wow. This should be a fun one. Mars seldom goes Retrograde and has been since 10/2. We're not going to feel like continuing to swallow pent up words. They're going to surface now. Don't be surprised if you feel a tad aggressive. If you have been holding a lot in for a while, be prepared, after Mars goes forward it can make us cross the border between assertive to aggressive. Be prepared to not fly off the handle. Try to be constructive, not just argumentative, but do indeed take action.

12/15 Full Moon 24 Gemini - Be ready for a gab-fest. Lots of shopping, busy, busy, busy.

12/21 Mercury Direct - Thank goodness. Things will start working out and become untangled. That Christmas present expected to arrive on 12/1 will finally arrive just in time. Finally, Mercury, Mars, and Uranus all going forward.

12/30 New Moon 9 Capricorn - Well isn't this fine? And the Moon is Void for the New Year chart! This complicates matters for all of the USA.  As Saturn continues to pressure President Bush's chart (which symbolizes the whole country), we are (as a nation) really starting to question our stature and role in the World. Things get very serious with this one. And with Pluto continuing to oppose our Mars in the USA's chart, the War remains central stage. We have been underestimating our opponents and are sobering up to exactly what effect this War has had on our international reputation. The Saturn/Capricorn energy will demand action. It will demand that we take a stand to escalate and "win" the War in 2006 or get out.

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Please stay tuned to for upcoming events!

Thank you so much.

Wishing all of you a great Holiday Season, may the planets be with you as you find your Starself.


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