How to Prepare for the Coming Massive Spiritual Download of February, 2015

There is a powerful force gaining on all us us now as SIX planets head towards lining up in the spiritual sign of Pisces. They will be peak during the New Moon on Feb. 18 and 19th. Even so, you will be feeling this expand ALL MONTH LONG until we get there. It has been my past experience over the last few years that when this happened before in a similar way, many sensitive souls could feel this guidance from above, better known as Grace.

I firmly believe that the "Gods" and ascended master, spirit guides, guardian angels and whatever else you want to call them are intervening on our behalf. They know of the dire state that we have gotten ourselves into on this threatened planet that suffers from one single lack, the lack of spiritual connection. This connection manifests in a myriad of ways. People have come to me from all over the world during the past 5 years and have dropped everything in order to get into sync with this spiritual wave in which we find ourselves. Many just had to become healers and contribute to the New Earth in some way.

This cannot be overstated, Neptune is EXTREMELY POWERFUL, but very subtle. It can be easily missed. I will be going over with you how to feel this subtle energy, giving you likelihoods as to how it will manifest, give you educated options on how to best handle it, warnings about how not to be led astray and many other factors regarding the advised usage of these energies.

Wednesday night's webinar will focus on how to recognize your true, valid spiritual direction. There will also be plenty of time available for questions and answers. Unfortunately, since the size of the audience, I will not have the time to go over each of your charts in detail, yet, it will help you greatly to become acquainted with this sometimes bizarre feeling-state. It's anything but worldly.

I hope to see you there and wish you all the best of luck with achieving clarity during this very special time.

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