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Volume 62, March 2011

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The Revolution We’ve Been Talking About is Here to Stay


The revolution being caused by Uranus and Jupiter in Aries has been working in stages. You can see its effects all around the world. In order to understand it, you need to know a few things first:



Since 1/25/08, Pluto (P) has been greatly affecting Capricorn, the sign opposite, Cancer, and the two signs at right-angles (square) Libra and Aries. It has mirrored the great downfall of so many of our economic and governmental institutions. I have written ad nauseum about this for 3 years. It provides THE BACKGROUND of this whole story. Simply understanding what Jupiter and Uranus are doing in Aries is not enough. We have to understand this prima fascia case; Pluto is the underlying reason these changes we’re facing are so grave. Pluto doesn’t mess around. Yes, the Uranus (U) and Jupiter (J) entrance in Aries this past year is quite a revolutionary symbol enough, but against the backdrop of Pluto in Capricorn, this brings on change on a monumental level. Enough to break the backs of countries, enough to break governments and enough to break economic systems, and the banks.


Briefly, Pluto has been severe because it’s been in the most severe SIGN of the zodiac: Capricorn. Pluto and Capricorn both work to make everyone accountable for their actions unlike when it was in Sagittarius from 1995-2008 when we could just keep borrowing and passing the buck- here, have another credit card. The buck stops in Capricorn. The bills became due. Familiar?


So, for 3 years, Pluto traveled back and forth over the first 7 degrees of Capricorn, affecting also those same degrees in Cancer, Aries, and Libra. THIS SETS UP A FORCE-FIELD, a severely tense, worked-over area that has certainly been the sore spot in EVERYONE’S chart in those areas. If you have natal planets there, all the more reason that things have been heavily under the microscope for you. We’re all being affected by this. What does Pluto do in a few words? It lifts our rug up and shows all the dirt we’ve been hiding under it. At best, it’s a vain attempt to try to hide the dirt once again. Many people have been reacting very well to this impulse, known as, cleaning up one’s act. One’s that haven’t addressed and owned their own courage have fallen short and have been facing grave outcomes and unbelievable hardship.


So, Pluto will carry on till 2023 including opposing the USA’s Venus at 2° Cancer right now (economic collapse) and the USA’s Sun later on in 2014 (identity crisis and uprising from our “enemies”). Don’t be nation-centric, this Uranus in Aries is happening EVERYWHERE on earth right now.


During the same time Pluto was doing his thing, Saturn (S) in Libra has spent quite a time of it in a knock-down-drag-out-fight with Uranus (in late Pisces and approaching Aries.) Exactly opposite on the day of the Presidential Election, Uranus has been representing the left-wing or liberal (fighting for change) while Saturn has been fighting for all things right-wing or conservative (resisting change.) This sure added greater tension to the entire national and international dialogue. Their exact opposition finally broke up last year and has eased somewhat, but not much.


Needless to say, on the diagram above, where P and S and U are have been under great amounts of stress. It should be noted very clearly here:


The planets are not here to cause you or anyone a hard time. That is not their function. They are symbolizing important turning points in our lives, yes. But, it must be stated for the facts that many of my clients have been handling these important transits just fine with little stress. And, it’s not because they are LUCKY or have “GOOD CHARTS.” It’s because they’ve been responsible and have responded to the things they need to do in the world as well as to their own needs. Most people have not been so balanced, however.


So while Pluto was acting up in Capricorn, opposing all early planets in Cancer, squaring all planets in early Aries and Libra; Uranus was opposing Saturn; Uranus was squaring Pluto, Uranus was squaring Jupiter; etc. etc. etc. One big bundle of tension and change kept building. Each planet with its own voice and temperament. This is WHY things have been up, down, sideways, tense, relaxed and nutso all at the same time for the past few years.


Now, here come Uranus and Jupiter. Whoopee.


So, you see, as Uranus and Jupiter enter the ruckus in Aries, it’s not like these two cowboys are entering a nice quiet orderly saloon. The place is already in shambles and fights are going on galore as those swinging doors start flapping! That’s exactly WHY this period is so hard.


It’s all going on at once!


Uranus entered Aries on 5/27/10. I wrote about it then saying, “Welcome to the Revolution.” It was the initial bookend to the story; this 3/11/11 is the other.


Uranus entered Aries and then 10 days later on June 6, 2010, Jupiter followed behind into Aries. Both planets are fiery and inspire each other to growth and unrestrained change. I’m not going to focus much on Jupiter this time because just addressing Uranus ought to be enough. Anyway, Jupiter is already back in Aries and well on its way moving rapidly through Aries.


The Critical Periods of Uranus


Period 1: Uranus enter Aries on May 27, 2010

Period 2: On July 4, 2010, Uranus stopped, or went retrograde

Period 3: On December 5, Uranus went direct, or started forward (from back in Pisces) once again

Period 4: On January 4, 2011 it combined with a phenomenal eclipse in Capricorn & got IGNITED

Period 5: And, finally, on March 11, 2011 it goes back into Aries to stay for the next 7 years.


What does all of this mean?


It’s once again very necessary to understand each of these periods. Take your time as you analyze these dates. See how they parallel the activities of the “Tea Party,” both major political parties, your government, other countries, the money situation as well as family politics, town politics, educational systems, on and on and on. Along with Civil Wars and peace treaties in your own head….


IT IS TIME FOR REVOLUTION! It is needed because old systems have grown stale or ineffective or restrictive.


It is NOT time for revolution just for chaos or thrills or just to be disruptive


That can scare you if you wish, or you can think of great revolutions such as when we were created the United States of America; same with the French at the same time. The ongoing revolution is going to be brutal and ugly and wonderful and liberating. All of those things. Turn off your black and white filter.


Everybody is feeling revolution inside or else they’re basically not very tuned to themselves which isn’t a good sign. Maybe it was a bit dim at first from May through December, but now Uranus is letting us have it with both barrels. And Jupiter is sitting right next to it saying, “Yee haw!”


Period 1, when Uranus entered Aries, many people felt fed up with many parts of their lives and became ready to break free. Many didn’t, although I could tell that they were giving matters great consideration from my interviews with them. Many didn’t notice the revolution, or uprising inside of themselves because they are so used to keeping themselves pinned-down (they call that being stuck) or couldn’t hear the distant sound of the fife and drums because they were being DROWNED OUT BY ALL THE HEAVY BOMBARDMENT COMING FROM PLUTO IN CAPRICORN and URANUS OPPOSITE SATURN at the same time.


Nevertheless, the personal and collective revolutions have been growing. Planets aren’t wrong. Clocks aren’t wrong; when it’s 6 o’clock, it’s 6 o’clock. Same thing with the planet. Exactly. When the planets say it’s time for a revolution, it means that it is.


Then along time of the second period around the Fourth of July, Uranus slowed and stopped and eventually started traveling backwards against the backdrop of the stars. Why? Because “it” was giving us 5 extra months to get ready (unconsciously) for our own revolution and the shake-up that was lying just ahead. When planets retrograde, they give us a chance to rethink, reorient, reconsider, etc.


During the First phase of Uranus, things cracked open inside of us. We started to let go of things that we had been hanging on to for far too long. The unconscious said, “Uh oh, Rick’s really serious …. He means business, he’s really going to make these changes.” So, the unconscious and conscious were given until December 5, 2010 to think it over and get ready (Period 2.) Remember, one man’s revolution may be entirely different than someone else’s. The revolutions took the form of: getting ready to divorce, getting ready to let go of bad co-dependent relationships, quitting your dead-end job, leaving old dull or negative friends behind so you could “live” more according to your standards, etc. etc. Uranus, in a healthy way, inspires us from within to be ourselves, have more fun, take more chances, walk in mud puddles… whatever. Freedom. Seek self-employment. Put that product out on the web that you just quite haven’t been READY to do yet… Uranus makes you READY.


So, after the third period arrived abruptly on December 5, 2011, BOOM! All kinds of co-dependencies came crashing down! It was kind of like, it’s over, and no matter what either party said or did, old delay tactics no longer worked – they knew it was over. Why?


Because it was over


The ego may try as it may, but things have a life of their own, don’t they? Done. And I have seen more than one couple who have still strained to stay together. Now, they live in separate parts of a duplex, and, well, you get it, they have an “arrangement.” Those couples are in quite a degree of trouble because in order to continue their arrangement, usually both of the parties have become walking shells of human beings, unable to relate. Loveless. Sad. Nevertheless, we all shine on: right? We handle what we can.


Most people I talked to are JUST AMAZED to find out exactly how accurate Dec. 5 was! And that was only the day Uranus stopped (stationed) and started to go forward. Believe me URANUS LOVES TO GO FORWARD. BELIEVE ME, JUPITER LOVES TO GO FORWARD TOO. And what is the main thing Uranus makes us feel?




One doesn’t have to talk Jupiter into ANYTHING, Jupiter is always gung-ho and ready!


There’s no more debate, there’s no more “how-to” book, there’s no more checking with Rick to see if the time is right! The time IS right. You feel liberated from inside. The planets are not outer forces – they are indicators of intimate feelings we have inside. It’s kinda like inner switches just flip to the “On” position!


So, let’s continue the fun here…


January 4, 2011 the Solar Eclipse at 14° Capricorn, lined up with transiting Uranus (while triggering Pluto) as it made its journey over the last few degrees of Pisces and headed back towards Aries and into a new zodiac.


Remember, Aries is the beginning of the zodiac!


The changes that exploded on that day were heavily detailed in last month’s newsletter:   www.starself.com/newsletter61.html.   All hell broke loose, The Tucson Massacre started it off, the great confusion world-wide about people losing their Astrological Sun sign due to a new invader called Ophiuchus (the 13th sign of the zodiac) and then Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Wisconsin and on an on an on.


Last month’s newsletter was entitled: “A Puncture in the Collective”


And what usually happens after a puncture? Stuff, or water pours through it! Water is life.


Briefly: What happened is that it was realized that the great physicists and scientists including Einstein, Bohr, Heisenberg, Curie and others met at the 5th annual Solvay Conference in Brussels in 1927. The outcome of that major think-tank was that QUANTUM PHYSICS was declared to be the standard of science and physics. It had been around for quite awhile, but in astrological and social terms, that was its BIRTHDATE. It was accepted socially.


84 years later, or one revolution of Uranus, brought us to JANUARY 4, 2011! This is no minor happenstance since Jupiter was present both times at the same degree! It was a Jupiter/Uranus return. What does this fancy talk mean in astrology? One complete orbit of Uranus is one big deal, especially within science or the collective mind. Quantum Physics was now the standard and had “punctured” the COLLECTIVE MIND OF OUR PLANET. We became a quantum world overnight, in a manner of speaking.


Hello, to the end of the Mayan 26,500-year calendar (next year.) Now, we think in quantum terms. We don’t know how it works and certainly are aware of its “uncertainty principle,” but now we no longer hold tightly to rigid Newtonian gravity-based solutions. We’ve seen too much, we’ve heard too much, we know we live in a universe that is beyond description and is just too unpredictable.


So, this complex story continues. As does Uranus, as it will make its ingress into Aries on March 11, 2011 at 7:49 pm Eastern. And Uranus is the ONLY planet that hits exactly mathematically. While many people will not have fireworks that night, but look and see, many people will have their entire life change at that MINUTE. This is true. They will only know it when they look back in time on their calendars. This was very much the case the last time Uranus changed signs: it entered Pisces on March 10, 2003. Many, many people have reported to me radical change in their life that occurred right around 3:53pm that Monday afternoon.


Not only will Uranus enter Aries

It will join Jupiter

It will square Pluto and the early degrees of Capricorn and Cancer

It will oppose planets in early Libra including transiting Saturn

It will activate the entire Cardinal Cross of Pluto, Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter


So, this is the reason that Uranus going into Aries IS SUCH A BIG DEAL. It’s because it’s not entering by itself – it’s entering while there’s so much stirring already from the other planets. Just look at the diagram above and you can draw lines between the orbs and see the tensions. That’s why.


What will it be like? Well, you’re already seeing it! Revolution, fed up, can’t take it anymore, no more restrictions, I want my freedom, You don’t let me be myself, You keep me down, My government suppresses my freedoms, My government doesn’t represent me, on and on and on. I WANT OUT. I want to be me. It’s a natural energy, it will just seem extra intensified because it’s next to Jupiter, and spring comes 9 days later!


It’s just starting.


This will be really good and bad at the same time. It is entirely up to us how we deal with it. We must be very, very careful of one thing: yes, we want to break free of self-imposed limitations, yes, we want to get out from under the thumb of those who would repress us (Libya), but we mustn’t overreact. Violence is no solution and we may have in fact played a substantial part in keeping ourselves “stuck.” It’s not always someone else’s fault. Many of our “problems” were not caused by our government. That’s why we had the retrograde period, to think this over.


We should be readily warned that Jupiter paired up with Uranus is one wild, usually irresponsible, combination. Wild change for the sake of drastic change is common. Jupiter rules government, religion, travel, communications, social structure, social networks and philosophy.


Uranus rules science, astrology, breakthroughs, inventions, quantum mechanics, living outside the box, taking risks, being unconventional, etc, etc.


So, what do we do? We need to be flexible and do a much better job tolerating other people’s views. Adopting an “I’m right and you’re wrong” attitude is the NUMBER ONE WORST THING WE CAN DO.


We need to be patient and allow change to come from balanced, collective, and shared dialogue. He who screams the loudest causes the most migraines. And, as I’ve warned before, if things get too far out of hand or violent, Pluto and Saturn are just waiting to step in to stop it. And, I don’t think we want that.


Change is needed; we’ll die without it.


But, in the greatest sense of Uranus who rules the great sign of Aquarius. We must work together in a sane, peaceful, productive way. Egypt’s uprising must be our model. No, we don’t need to overthrow the US government. But, whatever large-scale changes we undertake must be done without violence, as they did. We all know things need to change on just about every level (that’s Pluto), but we need new constructive solutions (that’s Saturn), where we aim for high ideals (that’s Jupiter) and we need to maintain respect and tolerance for every.single.person.on.earth (that’s Uranus.)


We can start all over again (that’s Jupiter and Uranus in Aries, a new zodiac.)


At the same time, of course, we are in the middle of a widespread, meaningful spiritual revolution on our blue orb. Basically, the real success of a Uranian revolution is that we find freedom from within our own selves. May it be so.


It’s unbelievable how many people miss this section when I don’t provide it. Enjoy.


3/1 Venus enters Aquarius 9:39p – A minor little blip as Venus catches up with the Moon in Aquarius. For a day or two, we’ll feel inspired to make progress with fellow man or woman. A perfect time to get involved with your favorite environmental group or hang up your backyard hammock.


3/4 New Moon 13°i56’ 3:46p – This Moon comes to join 6 planets in Pisces. If you have a child born now; you’re most likely having an angel. A very peaceful time, one of gratitude and keeping ourselves in perspective with the rest of this glorious universe.  This New Moon is here to remind us that we’re on a spiritual journey through timeless space. There are no words. Look up.


3/11 Uranus enters Aries 7:52p – Enough said, this entire newsletter is about this one transit.


3/13 Daylight Saving Time Begins – Shift your clocks ahead one hour. 2:00am becomes 3:00am.


3/19 Full Moon 28°c48’ 2:10p – The Virgo lunation always answers back to the Piscean one before it, “Don’t forget the details!” These two go hand-in-hand. You’re on this wonderful picnic Pisces. No wonder you’re thirsty, you forgot to pack water! Thanks as always to mindful Virgo who doesn’t forget a thing. Let’s make this   SHOW APPRECIATION TO A VIRGO DAY!!!!     Really.


3/20 Sun enters Aries – Spring! – 7:21p – Welcome spring as the Sun joins in with the fire of Jupiter and whirlwind of Uranus in Aries! Talk about a launch pad! What a great time to start big projects. Anything that makes you feel good. Anything that makes you feel like the peacock inside of you can come out and parade!


3/30 Mercury goes Retrograde – How else to end an incredible month but with Mercury Retrograde. Mumble under your breath like Yosemite Sam.


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