Volume 2, January 2006


Hi all,


Hope your 2006 is off and running and that you had a great Holiday Season.


This is a first in a series of monthly Astrological newsletters.


What’s up this month?


A new Astrology class for beginners started on 1/5/06 in the South Hills. There’s still time to get enrolled, call (724) 622-8079 if you are interested.



The new Pittsburgh Astrology Association, S.P.A.C.E., continues to meet monthly in the South Hills and is scheduled for its 3rd meeting on Saturday, January 21st at 10:00am. Please note, the time has been changed to 10:00am instead of 12 noon.  All are welcome, all you need is an interest in Astrology!



What are the planets up to?



12/30/05 - The New Moon

We certainly started things off with a bang with a New Moon at 10˚ Capricorn on 12/30/05. This has lent a serious tone to the start of 2006. New Moons symbolize times of endings and beginnings. In Capricorn, many of us have approached our New Year’s resolutions with an added dedication. Combining with the transit of Saturn in Leo, we are well into a time period of needing to put our best foot forward. This period is requiring us to “walk the walk” and not just “talk the talk”. Many of us will feel a strong willingness to face issues that we have heretofore been putting off. Saturn in Leo is traveling largely by itself with most of the planets on the opposite side of the Sun. This accentuates Old Man Saturn and brings his commanding voice to center stage. This is a time to buckle down, to make firm plans, to deliver on what you have promised and in general be more conservative. Saturn’s transit of Leo is causing quite a test. We cannot get by this period with promises or smoke and mirrors. Saturn is real and demands concrete results. If we do, and are responsible, we will benefit and even be rewarded.


Venus has been traveling retrograde (apparent backward motion) since Christmas Eve and will turn forward again on 2/3. It is the rarest of the planets to travel in such a manner and symbolizes both “rethinking of all relationships” as well as significant delays with income. In general, money and romance should both improve as we get into February.


Mars is traveling in square (at a right angle) to Neptune all month! This is a cause for concern that we be realistic in our actions and plans. And for you ladies; this is especially true when dealing with the opposite sex (Mars). Be careful to see what is there and remove your rose-colored glasses and you should do OK.


1/11-13 The Sun approaches and joins up with Venus. This should be a wonderful few day period especially for relationships and for smoothing over any rough edges with loved ones. Money issues are favorable too. It is a good time to decide on a new look, both personally and for your surroundings. Enjoy music now.


1/14 The Moon will be Full at 24˚ Cancer. This is a moody time when we may have to “walk on eggs” a bit being careful not to step on the toes of sensitive ones near us. It is a great time to get in touch with your emotional needs and draw close to your family. Guard against over-sensitivity. Do something nice for yourself. - Call your Mom.


1/20 The Sun enters Aquarius. This should give us quite a lift out of any post-Holiday blues. Aquarius is the Water-Bearer and symbolizes us giving back to the world. It is a time for us to get on with our hopes and wishes and be proud of our uniqueness. This is also a time to wave your rebel flag a bit and make sure you don’t get caught up in other’s melodramas. Individuality is the keyword here.


1/29 The New Moon at 9˚ Aquarius is highlighted this year as it is opposite Saturn traveling at 8˚ Leo! Make no mistake about this one. The co-ruler of Aquarius is Saturn and this time Saturn is getting the upper hand on Aquarius’ natural ruler, Uranus. Translation: Yes, it is time for you to respect your individuality and assert your rights, but don’t be irresponsible about it. Saturn is saying very clearly, “You have a right to your own individuality, yes, but you still are a member of humanity and you have a duty to it too.”


Finally, I am including the Moon Void-of-Course table here as well as on my web site (at for all of 2006. This table discloses times when the Moon is “Void”. It is a time period anywhere from a few minutes every few days to several hours where things don’t always go smoothly - the doldrums. A Void period is the time between the Moon making its last aspect (certain geometric angles with the other planets) and the time it enters into the next sign. Traditionally, launching projects during Void times is ill-advised. You just can’t seem to get things going. We’ve all been to events where nothing is happening and you just can’t seem to manufacture energy. These are common for Void times and this whole trend will surprise you once you start monitoring these periods.


All times listed below are Eastern Time and note that sometimes the Moon goes Void on one day only to come out of it on the following day. Don’t panic if you have to start a project during a Void period, but certainly, pay attention to this table and do what you can to schedule events during non-Void periods.


Void table for January


 Void        Void

Date  Starts      Ends

----  ------    ------

1/01         -  7:14am     

1/03  6:44am -  7:43am      

1/05  7:10am -  9:44am      

1/07  9:34am -  2:09pm       

1/09  1:56pm -  8:58pm       

1/11  8:46pm -  5:50am (on the 12th)

1/14  4:48am -  4:31pm                    

1/16  7:35pm -  4:49am              

1/19  5:12pm -  5:49pm             

1/22  3:53am -  5:28am             

1/23  4:53pm -  1:38pm (on the 24th)

1/26 10:24am -  5:31pm                     

1/28  2:57am -  6:09pm             

1/30 11:00am -  5:32pm     


Here’s wishing all of you the Best for 2006, may the planets be with you as you find your Starself!


Happy New Year!






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